Events from 2021

Saltwater Imperialism: How Oceans Shaped the Modern World, Kris Alexanderson

How the United States has reacted to vaccines in the past and how the politics of pandemics is not new, Jennifer Helgren

Books from 2018

A Plea for Culinary Luddism, Ken Albala

Japanese Food in the Early Modern European Imagination, Ken Albala

Noodle Soup: Recipes, Techniques, Obsession, Ken Albala

Submissions from 2017

A Renaissance of Noodles, Ken Albala

Authenticity and Cultural Appropriation, Ken Albala

Beans: A History, Ken Albala


Book review: The Italian Baroque Table: Cooking and Entertaining from the Golden Age of Naples. Tommaso Astarita. Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies 459. Tempe: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2014. xii + 298 pp. $65., Ken Albala


Book review: Wendy Wall . Recipes for Thought: Knowledge and Taste in the Early Modern English Kitchen. Material Texts. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016. Pp. 328. $69.95 (cloth)., Ken Albala

Bread Workshop, Ken Albala


Comendo na pós-modernidade: como o comprar, o cozinhar e o comer estão se transformando na Era Digital, Ken Albala

Evaluating Primary Sources, Ken Albala

Food and the City: Future Directions in Research, Teaching and Advocacy, Ken Albala


Food for Worship: What did Jesus Eat?, Ken Albala

Italianità in America, Ken Albala

Medieval Cooking, Ken Albala

Navigating Academia as an Early Food Studies or Food Systems Scholar, Ken Albala

Renaissance Aphrodisiacs, Ken Albala


Sifting Out The Past, Ken Albala

The Science of Pasta, Ken Albala

What Do Book Publishers Want?, Ken Albala

Submissions from 2016

Alan Davison. The Oxford Companion to Food, edited by Tom Jaine, Ken Albala

At the Table: Food and Family Around the World, Ken Albala


Behind the Ancient Foods that Made Thanksgiving, Ken Albala

Book Reviews: Alcohol: A History by Rod Phillips, Ken Albala


Christina Normore. A Feast for the Eyes: Art, Performance and the Late Medieval Banquet, Ken Albala

Eating in Postmodernity, How Shopping, Cooking and Eating will be Transformed in the Age of the Internet, Ken Albala

Eating in the Digital Age, Ken Albala

Food and Power, Ken Albala

La Cuisinère Canadienne: The Cookbook as Communication, Ken Albala

Longevity Diets, Ken Albala

Lungs, Ken Albala

Playing the Scalco, Ken Albala

Research in the Kitchen, Ken Albala

Spary E.C. . Feeding France: New Sciences of Food, 1760–1815. Cambridge University Press, 2014. xi +418 pp. ISBN 978-1-107-03105-0, $99.00 (cloth)., Ken Albala

Stimulants and Intoxicants 1500-1700, Ken Albala


The Artisanal Food Movement and How the Vaues of Fresh, Local and Sustainable are Co-opted by the Food Industry, Ken Albala


The Dynamics of Stockton’s Ethnic Grocery Stores in a Perfectly Diverse City, Ken Albala


The Origins of Probiotic Theory: Fermentation in the 17th century, Ken Albala

Beams and Bones: Exposure and Concealment of Raw Ingredients, Structure and Processing Techniques in Two Sister Arts – Cuisine and Architecture, Ken Albala and Lisa Cooperman


Roundtable: Professional Development: What do book publishers want?, John Lang, Ken Albala, Marika Christofides, Jennifer Crewe, Kate Marshall, and Jennifer Schmidt

Tsinghua College and its role in Urbanization in Beijing, Gregory Rohlf

Submissions from 2015

Asian Food in America, Ken Albala


Chair: Agrarian Virtues in Troubled Times: Food and Wine Production during War and Depression, Ken Albala

Corned Beef, Ken Albala

Experiential Research in Culinary History: Reconstructing 16th Century Techniques, Ken Albala

Food and Power, Ken Albala

Food and Religion, Ken Albala

Food and Sex: The Intimate Connection, a History of Aphrodisiacs, Ken Albala

Food History Methodology Workshop, Ken Albala

History of Wine, Ken Albala

Is Food Art, Ken Albala

Jewish Food in 15th Century Spain, Ken Albala

Licorice, Ken Albala

Making and Knowing Reconstruction Workshop, Ken Albala

Medicinal Uses of Sugar, Ken Albala

New York Academy of Medicine, Ken Albala


Passeth the Cran’brry Sauce: The Medieval Origins of Thanksgiving, Ken Albala

Pasta From Scratch, Ken Albala

Perspectives on Agriculture, Food and Water, Ken Albala

Sage Encyclopedia of Food Issues, Ken Albala


Saving your bacon, Ken Albala

Sephardic Cuisine, Ken Albala

Sex, Power and Food in the Renaissance, Ken Albala

The Evolution of Cookbooks in the Digital Age, Ken Albala


The Other Side of Thanksgiving: fasting, Ken Albala

Early Modern Food: Desire, Theory, and Innovation, Ken Albala and Molly Taylor-Poleskey


Delta Narratives: Saving the Historical and Cultural Heritage of The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, Steve Boilard, Robert Benedetti, Margit Aramburu, Gregg Camfield, Philip Garone, Jennifer Helzer, Reuben Smith, William Swagerty, Marcia Eymann, Tod Ruhstaller, David Stuart, Leigh Johnsen, Dylan McDonald, Michael J. Wurtz, Blake Roberts, and Margo Lentz-Meyer


How to Make Field Trips Fun, Educational and Memorable: Balancing Self-directed Inquiry with Structured Learning, Gregory Rohlf

The Guestbooks of Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Bolt: A Research Note on Transnational Networks, Gregory Rohlf

Submissions from 2014


A History of Ideas about Fermentation and Digestion, Ken Albala

An Unnatural History of Natural Food: The Social Construction of Dietary Paradigms through Mistrust of Technology, Ken Albala


Back to the Kitchen: Escaping Processed Food, Ken Albala

Bacterial Fermentation, Ken Albala

Duck Pastrami, Ken Albala

EU on a Plate, Ken Albala

Fasting, Ken Albala

Fasting, Ken Albala


Fear of Food: A History of Why We Worry about What We Eat. By Harvey Levenstein. (Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 2012. Pp. ix, 218. $25.00.), Ken Albala

Food History: A Primary Source Reader, Ken Albala

From Famine to Fast Food: Nutrition, Diet and Concepts of Health Around the World, Ken Albala


From the Editors, Ken Albala


Hands to Head Megaroundtable: Doing Food Work to Teach Food Studies, Ken Albala

History of Baltic Cuisine, Ken Albala

Hunger, Ken Albala


Japanese Food in The Western Imagination, Ken Albala

Marketing European Food and the Image of Authenticity, Ken Albala

Nuts: A Global History, Ken Albala


Political Gastronomy: Food and Authority in the English Atlantic World. By Michael A. LaCombe. (Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012. Pp. 240. $39.95.), Ken Albala

Run of the Mill, Ken Albala


Shakespeare’s Culinary Metaphors: A Practical Approach, Ken Albala


Stockton’s Ethnic Communities and the Early Community Cookbooks, Ken Albala

Stockton’s Ethnic Communities and the Early Community Cookbooks, Ken Albala

Stockton’s Ethnic Communities and the Early Community Cookbooks, Ken Albala


The Future of Tableware and Cooking Vessels: Some Predictions and Practical Experiments, Ken Albala


The Impact of the Reformation on Cuisine and Food Cultures in the Low Countries, Ken Albala


Toward a Historical Dialectic of Culinary Styles, Ken Albala

Why Are We All Talking About Food, Ken Albala


Why Do We Bother with the Home-Cooked Feast, Ken Albala