About Scholarly Commons

Scholarly Commons is a service of the University of the Pacific Libraries whose purpose is to collect and disseminate the university’s research, scholarship and creative works in a centralized location with the aim of preserving and providing online open access to these works.

Submissions to Scholarly Commons are facilitated by University of the Pacific Libraries’ personnel at the author’s or group’s request. Open access journals, student projects, theses/dissertations, journal articles, conference proceedings, creative works, instructional resources, university archival and special collections are all candidates for deposit. The collection development priorities are:

  • Faculty scholarly and creative works (articles, lectures, visual and performing arts, gray literature, books and book chapters, presentations, etc.)
  • Journals and conferences edited or organized by members of the University of the Pacific community and hosted in Scholarly Commons
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Honors theses and capstone projects
  • Institutional documents and publications
  • Archival and Special Collection materials
  • Resources unique to University of the Pacific

Disclaimer: University of the Pacific Libraries reserves the rights to accept or reject content posted to the digital repository, Scholarly Commons. All deposited works must have copyright clearance.


  • Supports University of the Pacific’s 'Pacific 2020' vision to "build the strength, relevance, and reputation of Pacific’s academic programs"
  • Provides online open access to University of the Pacific’s intellectual output from a centralized system
  • Publishing research in Scholarly Commons fulfills the requirement mandated by many funding agencies that researchers provide open access archiving for sponsored research
  • Increase the global visibility of University of the Pacific scholarly output on Google, Google Scholar and other search engines
  • Provides 24/7 online access to University of the Pacific research, scholarship and creative works to local and global communities
  • Provides a workspace for collaborative projects and development and sharing of teaching materials

Ethics Policy

Some terminology that is dated and now problematic, or outright racist, may appear in this digital repository, depicting prejudices that are not condoned by University of the Pacific. This content is being presented as historical documents to aid in the understanding of both American history and the history of University of the Pacific.

This policy is in keeping with the American Library Association code of ethics to resist efforts to censor library resources, and the Society of American Archivists code of ethics that states "archivists may not willfully alter, manipulate, or destroy data or records to conceal facts or distort evidence."

Such content is not condoned by University of the Pacific and is not reflective of our Pacific values and should not be taken as an endorsement of previous attitudes or behavior. To remove or redact them from our historical record would be counter to archival standards. They will remain as historical documents — reminders to be vigilant in our efforts to be both inclusive & transparent, as well as facilitating more truthful conversations about history.

If you have questions or concerns, please email scholarlycommons@pacific.edu

Privacy Policy

See more about Scholarly Commons' Privacy Policy and information gathering activities by clicking here.

Who do I contact for additional information?

Michele Gibney
Digital Repository Coordinator
University of the Pacific, William Knox Holt Memorial Library
(209) 946-2785

You can also find additional information by visiting the Scholarly Commons FAQ page.