Theses/Dissertations from 1951

Thesis: A handbook of fundamentals of music : a thesis ..., Jane Claire Scott

Thesis: The adjustment of eighty correspondence club members as indicated by two adjustment inventories : a thesis ..., Maurice R. Seaquist

Thesis: A study of the relationship between hand preference and motor ability in secondary school pupils : a thesis ..., James Lynn Shannon

Thesis: Children's reactions to one hundred thirty-seven visual items : a thesis ..., Robert James Tufts

Thesis: An annotated bibliography of the material on stuttering writen by American authorities and published in American periodicals, 1925-1950 : a thesis ..., Dorothy Brenton Van Camp

Thesis: A study of Corcoran Joint Union High School drop-outs for the school year of 1949-1950 : a thesis ..., Emmit Rowland Wheat


Thesis - Pacific Access Restricted: A study of junior sportsman clubs throughout the United States with special reference to the Lodi Junior Sportsmen : a thesis ..., Joseph Allen Wilson

Thesis: A study of interdistrict attendance agreements in the elementary school districts of Calaveras, Merced, and Solano Counties : a thesis ..., Harold Basil Youngblood

Theses/Dissertations from 1950

Dissertation/Thesis: A plan for the reorganization of attendance areas in Calaveras County, Melvin Bernasconi

Dissertation/Thesis: Crop damage by wildlife in California ; with special emphasis on deer and waterfowl, Earl Roy Biehn

Dissertation/Thesis: An index to the literature on digenetic trematodes from fishes, Richard William Bond

Dissertation/Thesis: Studies in the ecological distribution of the genus Tegula at Bodega Bay, California, Allen Emmert Breed

Dissertation/Thesis: Factors relating to unification in the Galt area, Martin Anthony Cabalzar

Dissertation/Thesis: Symphony no. 1, Albert Irving Chance

Dissertation/Thesis: Certain coloring matters derived from vanallin and methyl salicylate, Thompson James Coe

Dissertation/Thesis: Observations on a new cystophorous cercaria from marine snails, Jack Edward Copsey

Dissertation/Thesis: A survey of the course content in sixteen state courses of study in health education for the secondary school, Ella Ida Cutkosky

Dissertation/Thesis: The place of the cowboy novel in American literature : a study of its development from 1900 to 1940, Ferol Egan

Dissertation/Thesis: An analysis of the humanism of Euripides as expressed in his plays and reflected in selected plays of modern drama, Robert Henry English

Dissertation/Thesis: Survey of the Play Therapy Clinic at the College of the Pacific from February, 1948 to February, 1949, Donald Leong Fong

Dissertation/Thesis: A comparison of the nineteenth and twentieth century criticism of Shakespeare's heroines, Grace McLeod Gartman

Dissertation/Thesis: Social adjustment of foster-home children in San Joaquin Valley elementary schools, Helen Haschak Green

Dissertation/Thesis: The presidential campaign of 1948, Edward John Hallauer

Dissertation/Thesis: An evaluation of the nature and scope of released-time religious education in California, Henry W. Jantzen

Dissertation/Thesis: The senior high school boys' glee club : a study of its organization, maintenance, vocal problems and selections of music, Harrill Dean Johnson

Dissertation/Thesis: The effectiveness of the teacher education program of secondary school teachers at the College of the Pacific, Lester Romaine Johnson

Dissertation/Thesis: An analysis of Romain Rolland, Mildred Lagomarsino

Dissertation/Thesis: Trypanosoma barbari, a new species from the newt Triturus torosus, Donald Lewis Lehmann

Dissertation/Thesis: The selection and evaluation of social studies audio-visual materials for the elementary schools of the Alameda Unified School District, Paul A. Liebhart

Thesis: A survey of the English language in the Philippines and the various Filipino dialects and the development of Tagalog as a national language : a thesis ..., Vidal Serrano Mata

Thesis: Andre Gide, the nonconformist : a thesis ..., Edwa Langdon McDonald

Thesis: A plan for eighth-grade reading improvement : a thesis ..., Marvin Merle McDow

Thesis: A study of the mental attitudes of Lodi Union High School girls toward the physical education program : a thesis ..., Elvera Giorgi Melby

Thesis: An analysis of sixth grade arithmetic in the Alameda school system : a thesis ..., Robert K. Ray

Thesis: A critical approach to Homiletic literature : a thesis ..., Winthrop H. Richardson

Thesis: An investigation of parental influence on the speech development of the child : a thesis ..., Margaret Bradshaw Ropolo

Thesis: A survey of selected business offices in Modesto with implications for curriculum and guidance at Modesto Junior College : a thesis ..., Carol Kent Savage

Thesis: A study of the speech abilities of 150 teacher credential candidates : a thesis ..., Yvonne Pearson Schoell

Thesis: Advanced techniques in women's field hockey with emphasis on teaching aids : a thesis ..., Harriet Louise Sheldon

Thesis: An experimental study with college men to determine the effects of teaching method on the ability to learn volleyball skills : a thesis ..., Eugene Marion Stagnaro

Thesis: The College of the Pacific Seal in pebble mosaic : a thesis ..., Elaine Brink Stanley

Thesis: A survey of the judging standards in high school speech contests of northern and central California : a thesis ..., Thomas Walwyn Stephens

Thesis: A study of the adequacy of high school physics laboratory work for general education : a thesis ..., Robert F. Stone

Thesis: A history of the Stockton Recreation Department, 1910 to 1947, including its early background, and the development of its program and facilities : a thesis ..., Bert Edward Swenson

Thesis: A historical study of the theatre of the Mother Lode during the Gold Rush period : a thesis ..., Berton Everett Trulsson

Theses/Dissertations from 1949

Dissertation/Thesis: An experimental study of the effect of caffeine upon athletic performance, Roger Youngdal Baer

Dissertation/Thesis: Drug plants of California, Frederick Louis Beauchamp

Dissertation/Thesis: A study of distributive occupations in Stockton, California : for puposes of secondary school counseling, Allen Douglas Blim

Dissertation/Thesis: The history of the viola and an analysis of its literature, Clifford A. Brau

Dissertation/Thesis: The historical progress of violin technique from Paganini to Heifetz, Horace I. Brown

Dissertation/Thesis: An evaluation of teacher-constructed tests, Eano Joseph Canepa

Dissertation/Thesis: The application of the law of virtual work in the solution of civil engineering structures, Martin Trester Dyke

Dissertation/Thesis: A study of the availability and use of certain learning aids in the teaching of social studies in Yuba County elementary schools, Harold Godfrey Engstrom

Dissertation/Thesis: The development of character education through the social studies and school activities in the junior high schools : with particular reference to Stanford Junior High School curriculum and student government in Sacramento, Lena Barnum Everett

Dissertation/Thesis: Studies on larval trematodes from Tomales Bay, California, Leroy H. Fisk

Dissertation/Thesis: A scheme of analysis for the ceric rare earths, Herschel Gordon Frye

Dissertation/Thesis: A study of nutrition as a mass educational movement during World War II : with particular reference to the work done in San Joaquin County, Maxine V. Garrigan

Dissertation/Thesis: Radio broadcasting equipment : a short textbook for students of radio production, Robert Bethell Holmes

Dissertation/Thesis: An experimental investigation of speech therapy for the hard-of-hearing pre-school child, Florence Beatrice Hubbard

Dissertation/Thesis: A suggested program for extended sessions to be incorporated into the general program for Christian education of juniors in the Evangelical Mission Covenant Church, Alva M. Johanson

Dissertation/Thesis: A survey of the adult trematodes from fishes of the Pacific Marine Station area, William Franklin Johnson

Dissertation/Thesis: A study of the social functions of the skidrow rooming house in Stockton, George William Korber

Dissertation/Thesis: An in-service education program for helping teachers to understand and counsel children, James G. Linn

Thesis: The function of imagery in Antony and Cleopatra, James Sebree Loveall

Thesis: Selected aspects of the use of simple instruments in the music curriculum of the elementary school : a thesis ..., William Raymond Manning

Thesis: A comparative analysis of four types of psychotherapy used with children : a thesis ..., Margaret P. Moore

Dissertation/Thesis: A statistical study of the contributions of certain Greek and Roman mythological terms to the modern English language : a dissertation ..., Chrysta Richards

Thesis: A study of the day school program for illiterate prisoners at San Quentin Prison : a thesis ..., Elmer E. Shafer

Thesis: Comparative study of Judaism and Shinto : a thesis ..., Alice Elsa Smith

Thesis: A historical study of the Stilwell Road : a thesis ..., Gordon Cornelius Thomas

Thesis: An analysis of production procedures in the stage play Harriet : a thesis ..., Harold Harvey Ulrici

Theses/Dissertations from 1948

Dissertation/Thesis: A study of the development of the Recreation Department of Stockton, California, Margaret Fitzgerald Coston

Dissertation/Thesis: School district reorganization in Yolo County, Oral Mearl Custer

Dissertation/Thesis: Certain evidences of classical Greek influence on Shelley, George Robert Dietz

Dissertation/Thesis: The people will live on : from The people, yes, by Carl Sandburg : a composition for chorus, orchestra and narrator, Leighton M. Edelman

Dissertation/Thesis: A study of group-guidance activities together with their relationship to the over-all guidance program in twelve larger California public junior colleges, Reuel L. Fick

Dissertation/Thesis: The importance of the communal theatre as a civic institution and means by which it can be strengthened and improved, John J. Gemma

Dissertation/Thesis: Recreation in the church : an analysis and a prospectus, Lawton Delmar Harris

Dissertation/Thesis: An inquiry into the meaning of the phrase In the public interest" as it applies to radio programs, Jim Hand Ludlow

Dissertation/Thesis: An investigation into the histories of theories and treatment of vocal registers in training the singing and speaking voice in relation to the recently published theories of Douglas Stanley, Edward Burger Lyon

Thesis: Speech attributes of Thomas Starr King : a thesis ..., Elton F. Martin

Thesis: American public opinion relating to the Roosevelt court proposal of 1937 : a thesis ..., Alfred Irving Melcer Jr.

Thesis: A study of the littoral marine isopod Crustacea of the Dillon Beach area : a thesis ..., Robert James Menzies

Thesis: Basques in Stockton : a study of assimilation : a thesis ..., Carol Pagliarulo

Thesis: Workbook for Cuentos de la selva : a thesis ..., Ethel Palacios

Thesis: Studies on the natural history of the limpets of the family Acmaedae : a thesis ..., Ferdinand Stanley Ruth

Thesis: A study of the use of music in the religious education of children : a thesis ..., Edith Myrtle Sergison

Thesis: A correlative study of the anti-literal in modern art, music, and literature : a thesis ..., Alden Hervey Smith

Thesis: The history of the expropriation of the American oil companies in Mexico : a thesis ..., Marie F. Stebbins

Thesis: A survey of athletic training departments of 16 four year colleges in the state of California : a thesis ..., Irving Boyd Thompson

Theses/Dissertations from 1947

Dissertation/Thesis: A study of the relationship of speech ability and success as a minister in northern California, John Edward Baird

Dissertation/Thesis: A study of frustration tolerance in handicapped children, Barbara Ellen Bower

Dissertation/Thesis: A method for the teaching of brass instruments in the public schools, Francis Cantu

Dissertation/Thesis: The technical development of the oboe as shown through the literature of the instrument from the eighteenth century to the present, Janet A. DeGroote

Dissertation/Thesis: The revival of the folk dance as social recreation in northern California, Grace Tener Frye

Dissertation/Thesis: Contributions to the study on helminth fauna of Dillon Beach, Francis Clair Gale

Dissertation/Thesis: A survey of intestinal protozoa at the Stockton State Hospital : Stockton, California, Lawrence Melvin Gholz

Dissertation/Thesis: A school camping program for California, Willard Thomas Hancock

Dissertation/Thesis: Some principles, practices and techniques in musical therapy, Wilhelmina Keniston Harbert

Dissertation/Thesis: Book selection in junior high school libraries : with particular reference to Stanford Junior High School, Sacramento, California, Donna Marian Knaack