Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Thesis: In vitro permeability studies of antitumor compounds, thioxanthones across two model barriers, and their availability in vivo : a thesis ..., Venugopal P. Marasanapalle

Thesis: Isolation and characterization of CEABF-1, the ABF-1 homolog in C. elegans : a thesis ..., Lamtho Laura T. Nguyen

Dissertation/Thesis: Ampligen therapy, exercise capacity and immune function in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, Shawn G. Phippen

Thesis: Instant credibility : an exploratory study of web site credibility through the application of communication and design theory : a thesis ..., Cynthia Karyn Rollins

Thesis: Making public relations personal : an exploratory study of the implications of palanca and guanxi on international public relations : a thesis ..., Mary Patricia Starr

Thesis: Monitoring a natural autoxidation process of methyl linoleate by using GC-MS : a thesis ..., Ting Wang

Thesis: HPLC method development for the evaluation of pheromones from the dwarf African clawed frog Hymenochirus : a thesis ..., Yu Wang

Thesis: Responses of migraineurs to EEG biofeedback training and music therapy : a single-subject experimental study of a neuroacoustical treatment for migraines : a thesis ..., Fu Lye Woon

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Thesis: Role of ryanodine receptors in neuronal calcium signalling and growth control : a thesis ..., Diptiman Dipen Bose

Thesis: The long-term effects of study abroad experiences on career, educational, and travel choices : a thesis ..., Catherine A. Fagan

Thesis: Re-entry training and education for returning sojourner undergraduates of French grandes écoles : a thesis ..., Dean A. Hipple

Thesis: Detection and quantitation of diazinon and chlorpyrifos : a novel GC, Xiaoyi Hu

Thesis: Reflexology and massage in the treatment of Type II diabetic neuropathy : a thesis ..., Destini Kulik

Thesis: Mass media consumption and its effects on college students' healthy and unhealthy behaviors : a thesis ..., Frances A. Lampson

Thesis: Precision teaching as an instructional procedure for training social skills in individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia : a thesis ..., Jill E. Mullin

Dissertation/Thesis: A developmental conceptualization of the concerns of faculty members in higher education : implications for the design of faculty development programs : a dissertation ..., Jean Alberts Purnell

Dissertation/Thesis: A study of the impact of California Proposition 227 on the identification and placement of English language learners in special education programs and services in California public schools : a dissertation ..., Geeta Rezvani

Thesis: Characterization of ABF-1 in C. elegans and regulation of cellular growth and ID3 by human ABF-1 : a thesis ..., June L. Round

Thesis: A comparative study of vascular plants associated with Allium tribracteatum Torrey and Allium obtusum Lemmon, with special consideration of the flora of the Mehrten Formation, Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties, California : a thesis ..., Aaron David Shaw

Thesis: Cloning and characterization of MET2 in Pichia pastoris : a thesis ..., Der Thor

Dissertation/Thesis: The relationship between teacher efficacy and student academic outcomes on curriculum-based measures : a dissertation ..., James S. Wallick

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

Thesis: Design and synthesis of aryl hydrocarbon receptor fusion proteins for polyclonal antibodies production and cellular delivery : a thesis ..., Bhagyashree Yogesh Bhagwat

Thesis: NMR characterization of a diiron macrocycle and structural characterization of a diketo derivative : a thesis ..., Claudia Lindblom Brackett

Thesis: Bacterial expression of radio-labeled recombinant proteins for studying AHR signalling : a thesis ..., Anthony Benjamin Delucchi

Thesis: Built to serve : an integrated structure for leading in organizational change : a thesis ..., Julianne M. Dent

Thesis: The influence of controlled frequency breathing on blood lactate levels during graded front crawl stroke swimming : a thesis ..., Micah J. Drummond

Thesis: The characterization of the ABF-1 promoter : a thesis ..., Jessica Ezpeleta

Thesis: Method development for analysis of polyamines and metabolites by mass spectrometry : a thesis ..., Min Jiang

Thesis: The effects of gender, self-esteem, age, and relationship on compliance-gaining strategy selection : a thesis ..., Jacoba Lena Morley

Dissertation/Thesis: The effects of introversion, Jase Owen Norsworthy

Thesis: Construction of an ABF-1 inducible expression cell line utilized to conduct a microarray analysis : a thesis ..., Ryan M. O'Connell

Thesis: Mapping of the repression domain and the subcellular localization of the ABF-1 protein : a thesis ..., Jerelyn J. Wong

Theses/Dissertations from 2000

Thesis: The influence of biological sex, age, work history and training on perceptions of sexual harassment : a thesis ..., Julie Lynn Davis

Dissertation/Thesis: Neonate psychophysiological responses to ambient features of the neonatal intensive care unit, Dorothy de la Cruz-Schmedel

Thesis: Saving America's gays and lesbians from hell : a fantasy theme criticism of the anti-gay rhetoric of the far-right : a thesis ..., Krista J. Dunzweiler

Thesis: Defenders of the cross and the flag : a metaphoric criticism of the rhetoric of Alma White, Elizabeth Dilling, and Marilyn R. Allen : a thesis ..., Debra A. Ehrhardt

Thesis: Total synthesis of aminomethyl c-glycosides : a thesis ..., Dmitriy Gremyachinskiy

Thesis: From paternalism to individualism : representations of women in the nineteenth century English novel : a thesis ..., Jennifer Hooker

Dissertation/Thesis: The Ann Arbor Black English case and the Oakland Ebonics controversy : what have we learned?, Katrina Alison Diggs Jaggears

Thesis: Characterization of novel DNA binding activities at the immunoglobulin 3' enhancer : a thesis ..., Matthew Hoyt Milnes

Thesis: Polyploidy in Brodiaea Elegans Hoover (LILIACEAE, SENS. LAT.) and the geographic distribution of the chromosome races : a thesis ..., Edith Mora

Thesis: Isolation of novel ABF-1 splice forms : a thesis ..., Noe Mora

Thesis: Bioactivation of diacetyldapsone in cultured lung cells : a thesis ..., Dipali Nimbalkar

Thesis: Modified alginates as a matrix for gene transfection in a HeLa cell model : a thesis ..., Kiran Padmanabhan

Thesis: Demonstration of pheromonal activity in the breeding glands of dwarf African clawed frogs (Hymenochirus sp.) : a thesis ..., Christopher A. Pearl

Thesis: Patients' self-concept, desire for information and uncertainty reduction : a thesis ..., Bridget Sandmeier-Marquardt

Dissertation/Thesis: Secondary special education teachers of Hispanic students with mild to moderate learning disabilities who are English language learners : their sense of efficacy and staff development needs : a dissertation ..., Rebecca Ruth Sapien-Melchor

Thesis: Molecular modeling of DNA with minor groove binding agents and intercalators : a thesis ..., Robin M. Sprague

Thesis: Aggressive behavior of female and male magellanic penguins (spheniscus magellanicus) nesting at San Francisco Zoo, San Francisco, California : a thesis ..., Derik M. Stone

Thesis: Through illusion into transcendence : a narrative criticism of the Bhagavad gita : a thesis ..., Scott R. Stroud

Thesis: The effects of group music therapy on mood states and cohesiveness in adult oncology patients : a thesis ..., Eric G. Waldon

Thesis: The role of the C. elegans transcription factor LIN-11 in cell fate specification : a thesis ..., Arron D. White

Thesis: Picking the experts : the effect of ProfNet on news media choosing sources provided by university public relations offices : a thesis ..., Joseph B. Will

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

Thesis: A narrative criticism of Christian identity's Who killed Christ?" : a thesis ..., Marlin C. Bates IV

Thesis: A comparison of marketing techniques of women's and men's NCAA Division I basketball : a thesis ..., Gregory J. Bratten

Thesis: The relationship between communicator style and preference for conflict management : a thesis ..., Timothy Alwyn Clauson

Thesis: An ideological criticism of David Duke's rhetoric of racism and exclusion : a thesis ..., Maria Garcia-Sheets

Thesis: The promise of righteousness : a fantasy theme analysis of the Promise Keepers : a thesis ..., David M. Huffman

Thesis: Comparison of the effect of acetylated polyamines and N⁸-acetylspermidine deacetylase inhibitor, APAH, on LS180 and multidrug resistant cells : a thesis ..., Wenxian Mao

Thesis: Dynamics from an equilibrium lattice model of a microemulsion : a thesis ..., Songyun Qi

Thesis: Perceptions of homelessness : an exploratory study on the mediated inference process : a thesis ..., Clark Robins

Dissertation/Thesis: The implementation of California's Senate Bill 1969 : a case study of one school district's approach to the staff development and alternative certification : a dissertation ..., Sheilla Suzonn Meinyer Rocha

Thesis: The biochemical and antibiogram characteristics of aerobic gram negative enteric bacilli, with special reference to Escherichia coli, from macaws : a thesis ..., Lori Etta Serpa

Thesis: Effects of preschoolers' gender and prosocial behavior on their abilities to decode and encode facial affect : a thesis ..., Vanessa Tiyaamornwong

Theses/Dissertations from 1998

Dissertation/Thesis: Pharmacokinetic modeling of vancomycin in children, pre-adolescent, and adolescent patients : development, assessment, and application : a dissertation ..., Yousif Abdu Asiri

Thesis: Content analysis of visual manipulation" and metaphors used in national news magazines during the 1996 presidential elections : a thesis ..., Vicki Marie Bargagliotti

Thesis: The state of the communication discipline : a survey of scholarly perceptions : a thesis ..., Lauren M. Benning

Thesis: The identification of E2A-interacting proteins in human plasma cells : a thesis ..., Christopher M. Castro

Thesis: Effect of ethyl oleate and oleic anhydride on metronidazole release from poly(ortho esters) films : a thesis ..., Kamalika Chaudhury

Thesis: Digenetic trematodes from marine fishes of Fiji : subfamily Hurleytrematinae (Family Monorchiidae): a review and description of four new species of Hurleytrematoides : a thesis ..., Amardeep K. Grewal

Thesis: The analgesic efficacy and therapeutic onset of analgesia of intravenous and intramuscular ketorolac (15 mg and 30 mg), and oral ibuprofen 800 mg in the emergency room : a comparative study : a thesis ..., Mohdhar Jeilan Habib

Dissertation/Thesis: The relationship between self-actualization and aikido : a dissertation ..., Gary Hannon

Thesis: Premium blend : a polysemic approach to contemporary problems in public radio : a thesis ..., Mary E. Hurley

Thesis: The effect of music-assisted relaxation training on measures of state anxiety and heart rate under music performance conditions for college music students : a thesis ..., Dawn A. Iwamasa

Thesis: The effects of media richness on communication competency ratings in an organization : a thesis ..., Michele Lynn Lahti

Thesis: Preparation and evaluation of poly (ortho esters) microspheres containing 5-fluorouracil : a thesis ..., Yuh-Herng E. Lin

Thesis: The prevalence of body dysmorphic symptoms among an ethnically diverse sample of high school students : a thesis ..., Stephen B. Mayville

Thesis: Pheromonal stimulation of ovulation in female Hymenochirus curtipes : a thesis ..., Kirsten Ann Milaney

Thesis: Effect of oleic acid esters on the microencapsulation of 5-fluorouracil by poly(ortho esters) polymer : a thesis ..., Seema Mudholkar

Thesis: The existential quest for exemplary autonomy in three major novels : a thesis ..., David J. Orr

Thesis: The effect of balance training on a non-disabled elderly population : a thesis ..., Margaret L. Roller

Thesis: Inverts, variants, and deviates West Coast lesbians of the forties and fifties : a thesis ..., Alex C. Sagewalker

Thesis: The relationship between academic integration and basketball participation at one NCAA Division III institution : a thesis ..., Peter J. Schroeder

Dissertation/Thesis: Low back pain algorithm : its effect on the incidence of spinal surgeries within senior HMO : a research project ..., Jerry Solberg

Thesis: The development of a conceptual model and definition of quality practice from the perspectives of expert coaches : a thesis ..., Kevin L. Sverduk

Dissertation/Thesis: Development and validation of a measure of sexual attitudes : a proposal ..., Karen J. Trueblood

Dissertation/Thesis: Perceived training needs of special education teachers in California who were credentialed prior to September 1985 : how their skills compare with those required in the new California standards : a dissertation ..., Dora Ruiz Twigg

Thesis: An integrative treatment for reducing test anxiety and improving academic self-esteem in learning disabled students : a thesis ..., Donald A. Wachelka

Dissertation/Thesis: A comparison of the effects of vocal exercises, Leanne M. Wade

Thesis: 1,3 proton transfer catalysts supported by Merrifield resin or Jeffamine gel : a thesis ..., Min Wan

Thesis: An analysis of international public relation specialists and their use of the Internet for advertising and information gathering : a thesis ..., Heather B. Welsh

Thesis: Evidence that ARNT plays a role in the regulation of the immunoglobulin heavy chain enhancer and identification of a putative ARNT ligand : a thesis ..., Sheena Yavrom

Thesis: Binding study of nickel complex to protein by equilibrium dialysis : a thesis ..., Li Zhou

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

Dissertation/Thesis: The woman in the dunes : a collection of poetry submitted to the faculty of the Graduate School in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Art, Kay A. Anderson

Thesis: The effects of a community mural program on the reduction of graffiti : a thesis ..., Lynette A. Barn

Thesis: Behavioral evidence for chemical communication in Hymenochirus curtipes : a thesis ..., Alice Elton Burns

Thesis: The relative predictive performance of three pharmacokinetic programs for aminoglycosides dosing : a thesis ..., Jen-Chieh Jason Chang

Thesis: Three-dimensional audio processor : a thesis ..., David Paul Christensen

Thesis: Expression and purification of human hypoxia inducible factor-1α in a baculovirus system : a thesis ..., Maria E. Cordeiro

Thesis: Telecommuting and public relations : a survey of telecommuting practices among public relations professionals : a thesis ..., Suzanne Escobar-Kenyon