Theses/Dissertations from 2012


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: African American administrators' perspectives: Improving African American male high school graduation rates in San Joaquin County, Marlon De Shawn Gayle


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Associations between students' perceptions of teacher-student relationship quality, academic achievement, and classroom behavior: Are they moderated by ethnicity, gender, or socio economic status?, Khushwinder Kaur Gill

Dissertation/Thesis: A physiological performance analysis on the effects of the winter academic break on collegiate male club rugby athletes, Derrick J. Gleason


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Graduate's perceptions of a Dean's Team course at California State University, Stanislaus, Susanna Christine Gonzales


Thesis - Pacific Access Restricted: Localizing websites: A comparative study of cultural and linguistic adaptation of website content and design for companies entering the Latino/Hispanic and/or the Mexican markets, Maria De Jesus Gonzalez


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Teaching Evolution: A Heuristic Study of Personal and Cultural Dissonance, Larry G. Grimes

Dissertation/Thesis: The influence of social media on chinese college students' social activism, Xiaoting Gu


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: An analysis of the implementation of the Response to Intervention (RTI) model in a central California school district, Judy E. Hansen

Dissertation/Thesis: Using synthetic images to improve iris biometric performance, Robert Shigehisa Hasegawa


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: An examination of parent-child interactions and developmental pathways of emotion regulation, Sarah Elizabeth Hendricks


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Educational journeys of Hispanic women in nursing, Antoinette Navalta Herrera


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: An analysis of the obstacles that prevent the meaningful participation in the IEP process by parents/guardians of African American males in special education, Angela M. Hotchkiss


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Investigating the mediating effects of family emotional expressiveness, language skills, social skills, on relationship between the early caregiving environment and future adolescent behavior outcomes, Mais Khourdaji

Dissertation/Thesis: Achieving intercultural knowledge through global awareness programming at liberal arts college, Nicola Kille

Dissertation/Thesis: The impact of intercultural differences in change agentry interventions in technology transfer, Jessica Klyn de Novelo

Dissertation/Thesis: Correlates of verbal aggression and physical aggression among post- adolescent students, Esther S. Lancaster-Knobel


Thesis - Pacific Access Restricted: Treatment implications of a functional analysis of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity in young children, Tracy A. Larson


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Student conduct systems at public colleges and universities in China, Wenyan Luo


Thesis - Pacific Access Restricted: Descriptive and experimental analyses of variables maintaining moderate-to-vigorous physical activity in preschool children, Allison J. Morley

Dissertation/Thesis: The impact of social media on young adults of African-American or African descent, Roxie Ann Nunis

Dissertation/Thesis: Simulating underwater sensor networks and routing algorithms in MATLAB, Michael J. O'Rourke

Dissertation/Thesis: To confine or not to confine? : an analysis of the messaging of the proposition 2 campaigns, Elizabeth Lily Penfold


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Family-teacher communication and literacy practices in a culturally and linguistically diverse family, Ileana del Carmen Pitty-Murillo

Dissertation/Thesis: Physical and chemical correlates of Sacramento County vernal pool crustaceans, Phillip A. Poirier

Dissertation/Thesis: Mechanistic studies to evaluate the targeting specificity of novel RGD Micelles to the αVβ3 integrin receptor, April Raj

Dissertation/Thesis: Water security and its importance in protecting public health, Christina M. Ramirez

Dissertation/Thesis: Shared native language, different national cultures : an exploratory study of assumptions about communication styles among nationals of three south American countries, Anna Collier Recabarren

Dissertation/Thesis: Contextually driven messages about gender : an ethnographic study on messages concerning traditional gender behaviors within work, education, romantic relationships, friendships, and exercise, Danielle N. I. Rockley

Dissertation/Thesis: Accurate ionic bond energy measurements with TCID mass spectrometry and imaging PEPICO spectroscopy, Tyson G. Rowland

Dissertation/Thesis: An exploration of the role of intercultural training in developing intercultural competency among exchange students : a case study of rotary youth exchange, Brandy L. Roy

Thesis: Synthesis and mass spectrometry studies of oligopeptides, Ashish Sawhney

Dissertation/Thesis: Water security and its importance in protecting public health, Kristen N. M. Shimizu


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: A father's supportive presence: Understanding how fathers influence children's developmental outcomes, Christina Siller

Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: African American Women Elementary School Principals: Impact of Race and Gender on Suspension Practices, Tiffany Nichole Smith-Simmons

Dissertation/Thesis: Multi-scale data sketching for large data analysis and visualization, Huaguang Song

Dissertation/Thesis: The fate and distribution of subsurface hydrocarbons released during the 2010 MC252 oil spill in deep offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Chelsea L. Spier

Dissertation/Thesis: An ethnographic study of communication and gender performance in a modern day Latino wedding, Olivia Corine Stanko

Dissertation/Thesis: Education for global citizenship : an intercultural and cosmopolitan perspective, Katerina Bokova Stead


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Exploring the effect of alpha2 receptor on brain 5-HT via a mechanism-based pharmacodynamic model, Jingjing Sun

Dissertation/Thesis: A contextualized instructional design approach : integrating intercultural competence development into email computer training, Susan Lynn Svensson

Dissertation/Thesis: Content analysis of the Beijing summer olympic games' effects in the New York Times, Xiao Tian


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: The effects of a constructivist-based fraction intervention on the achievement and self-efficacy beliefs of low socio-economic status students, Sylvia A. Turner

Dissertation/Thesis: The recombinant expression and localization of TvCP2 of trichomonas vaginalis, Christopher Keith Wakukawa

Dissertation/Thesis: Public school principals' perceptions of California peer assistance and review program, Jeanine M. Wilson


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Performance and mechanism on a high durable silica alumina based cementitious material composed of coal refuse and coal combustion byproducts, Yuan Yao

Dissertation/Thesis: An epidemiological and social network analysis to assess transmission during a tuberculosis homeless shelter outbreak in San Joaquin County, Sarah M. Yates

Dissertation/Thesis: Predicting the renewable energy portfolio for the southern half of the United States through 2050 by matching energy sources to regional needs, Victoria E. Yee

Dissertation/Thesis: Evaluation of knowledge knowledgeworkx's cultural mapping and navigation assessment : a cultural self-awareness instrument, Beth A. Yoder


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Synthesis and applications of functional magnetic polymer beads; synthesis and mass spectrometry analysis of model peptides, Xiaoning Zhao

Dissertation/Thesis: Web-based atmospheric nucleation data management and visualization, Kai Zhu

Theses/Dissertations from 2011

Dissertation/Thesis: Female Muslim-American students' perceptions of socio-cultural accommodation in California public high school, Shakera Azimi

Dissertation/Thesis: Rethinking the cultures of the BRICs : an intercultural perspective, Nicole J. Barile

Dissertation/Thesis: Effects of music assisted relaxation versus relaxation alone on quality of sleep, Kara Benton

Dissertation/Thesis: An assessment of the impact of an internship on the social emotional competence of communication students, Taylor Blackburn


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Teacher perception on how the elimination of California Class Size Reduction program impacted teacher practices, Linda M. Brandts

Dissertation/Thesis: Analysis of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor and a truncated form (AHR C[upper case symbol for greek Delta]Δ553) in cancer cells, Marilynn Chow


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: An analysis of student wellness behaviors at a top ten university, Linda Clauss


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Unearthing an educator's ecological niche: A heuristic inquiry, Cynthia Christina Coleman

Dissertation/Thesis: Intercultural competency development in student success courses, Tara L. Cooper


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Organizational learning to implementation: Development of post-secondary online degree programs, Kirk Alan Davis

Dissertation/Thesis: Genre criticism : an application of BP's image restoration campaign to the crisis communication genre, Anne C. Eastlick

Dissertation/Thesis: An exploration of the experiences of expatriates and their accompanying spouses in terms of contact theory and intercultural competence, Philippa A. Erlank

Dissertation/Thesis: Toward a grounded normative theory of strategies of political communication used in politics disadvantages in policy debate, Timothy C. Ernst

Dissertation/Thesis: A grammar of edification : constructing our social reality via efficient quotidian management with rhetorical forms, Steven Kalani Farias

Dissertation/Thesis: Student satisfaction and involvement with third places at a university, Christopher B. Frymire

Dissertation/Thesis: The impact of social media on crisis communication, Patrick J. Gannon


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: English Language Learners parental involvement in schools, Dagoberto Garcia

Dissertation/Thesis: Social media's impact on higher education crisis communication plans, Patrick J. Giblin

Dissertation/Thesis: The conserved C-terminal domain of spider tubuliform spidroin 1 contributes to extensibility in synthetic fibers, Eric Henry Gnesa

Dissertation/Thesis: Bilateral arm training with rhythmic auditory cueing : rehabilitation metts music therapy, Jennifer M. Hastings

Dissertation/Thesis: Vitamin D- induced down regulation of RAD51 in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC), In Vitro and In Vivo, Rhea P. Hautea

Dissertation/Thesis: Professional success for music majors : understanding the experiences of those who have achieved, Jonathan Lucas Hess


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Macrocyclic chemistry: Part I - Characterization of a mixed-valence di-iron complex and synthesis of a new poly-iron complex. Part II - Synthesis, characterization of new diphosphoester macrocyclic polyethers, Son Xuan Hoang


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Emotional intelligence and its link to public relations education, Timothy Lent Howard

Dissertation/Thesis: Biomimicry of the spider silk spinning apparatus, Yang Hsia


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Cognitive development and the attainment of critical thinking skills in associate degree nursing students, Karen Odle Ippolito

Dissertation/Thesis: An examination of the development and maintenance of intercultural conflict mediation and resolution programs on university campuses in the United States, Zaneta M. Janiczak


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Hands-on equations program: An approach to teaching linear equations using manipulatives, Amelia Jimenez

Dissertation/Thesis: Intercultural development in global service-learning, Stephen W. Jones

Dissertation/Thesis: Impact of the M.O.V.E. curriculum on students' foundational learning about sustainability, Fiona N. Kelly


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Building and sustaining a culture of assessment: How student affairs programs assess and contribute to student learning and development in the co-curricular and curricular environments, Mylon J. Kirksy


Thesis - Pacific Access Restricted: A rapid treatment analysis for noncompliance in young children, Soraya Shanun Kunnavatana

Dissertation/Thesis: Characterization of components that increase secretion of recombinant proteins in pichia pastoris, Sasha Ellen Marie Larsen

Dissertation/Thesis: Perceptions of public relations among Chinese and American college students : a comparative analysis, Minqian Liang

Dissertation/Thesis: Self-efficacy and rehabilitation adherence, Jennifer Michelle Loewe

Dissertation/Thesis: The effect of social comparisons on selective attention : an image based Stroop task, Lynda S. Lowry


Thesis - Pacific Access Restricted: Picture this: Smoking cues as conditional elicitors of compensatory responses in smokers, Mychal A. Machado


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: An analysis of California elementary school principals' utilization of time management strategies, Deirdre Marsh-Girardi

Dissertation/Thesis: Culture and crisis communication : the use of intercultural communication in public relations crisis management planning, Damion R. Martin

Dissertation/Thesis: The effect of adapted musical instruments on the participation of children with severe and multiple disabilities : a mixed methods study, Courtney McDonald

Dissertation/Thesis: The experiences of hospice patients and the music therapy clinician in hospice care, Karen Ann Moran


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Assessment of case-based integrated learning as a part of dental curriculum reform, Nader A. Nadershahi


Thesis - Pacific Access Restricted: Preparation of amorphous forms to increase the solubility of poorly soluble drugs using spray drying, Vijaysri Nannapaneni


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Career choices for foreign-educated dentists, Gabriela Pitigoi-Aron


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: A framework for synchronous web-based professional development: Measuring the impact of webinar instruction, Rachel L. Rich


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Analyzing factors that AVID students perceive important in making financial decisions about paying for college, Deanne Rivera

Dissertation/Thesis: Dynamic mechanical analysis of magnetic tapes at ultra-low frequencies, Nicholas J. Rummel


Thesis - Pacific Access Restricted: Diastereoselective acylation of trans-2-substituted-cyclohexanols and glycosidase inhibition studies, Andrey V. Samoshin


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: The discovery and anticancer preclinical investigation of novel piperazinylpyrimidine derivatives designed to target the human kinome, Hassan M. Shallal

Dissertation/Thesis: The variation of the gas phase acidity of a cysteine residue in oligopeptides, Jialin Shen