A collection of presentations and lectures from the librarian and staff members of University of the Pacific Libraries.


Submissions from 2013

Plenary Session: A Tour of Northern California Music Archives, Veronica A. Wells


Stretching for Music Librarians, Veronica A. Wells


Integrating Music Collections and the Brubeck Collection into Undergraduate Library Instruction, Veronica A. Wells, Michael Wurtz, and Patrick Langham

The Legacy of Dave and Iola Brubeck, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 2012

The Arts & Crafts Movement, Lisa Cooperman

Areas of InQUEERy: The realities of pursuing a gay research agenda, Robin Imhof

Hidden from History: The Vagabond Papers of Renée Vivien, Robin Imhof

The value chain of scholarly communication: Discoverability issues and collaboration opportunities, John Law, Karen Phillips, Mary M. Somerville, Peter Brantley, and Barbara Chen


SAGE White Paper on discoverability in the Twenty-First Century: Collaboration opportunities for publishers, vendors, and librarians, Mary M. Somerville

Systems co-design: An information-focused framework of ideas and methodology-guided approach to action, Mary M. Somerville


Information practices for leadership in collaborative work, Mary M. Somerville and Zaana Howard

Achieving excellence through a collaborative design process, Mary M. Somerville and D. Humphries

Informed learning in the workplace: An emerging systems approach, Mary M. Somerville and Anita Mirijamdotter

Discoverability in the 21st Century, Mary M. Somerville, John R. Sack, Barbara Schader, J. Law, and J. Esposito

John Muir and the Big Trees, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 2011


Cuisine and Architecture, Ken Albala and Lisa Cooperman

Rosa Bonheur, Lisa Cooperman

Recovering Renée Vivien: Lesbian Poet Hidden from History, Robin Imhof

The L Word 1900: Renée Vivien’s Literary Legacy, Robin Imhof


From vision to action: A collaborative organizational informatics initiative, Anita Mirijamdotter and Mary M. Somerville

Recuerdos hablados/Memories spoken: A cultural heritage educational initiative, Mary M. Somerville

Yo soy Colorado: Two symbiotic Hispanic cultural heritage initiatives, Mary M. Somerville, Rhonda Gonzales, D. Montoya, and Dana EchoHawk

Within an 'informed learning' context: The Charette design process, Mary M. Somerville and D. Humphries

Digitize Me, ELMO, Veronica A. Wells

Hunting for QR Codes: Linking Students to the Music Collection, Veronica A. Wells

Using Music to Explain the Importance of Citing Your Resources, Veronica A. Wells

John Muir and the Big Trees, Michael J. Wurtz

The Story of the Stained Glass Window in the Alumni House, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 2010

Working with IT: Become a Partner, Not a Client, M. Brown-Sica, N. McHale, and Niraj Chaudhary

Albert Bierstadt, Lisa Cooperman

Art Glasses, Lisa Cooperman

Jean-Léon Gérôme, Lisa Cooperman

Circulating a legacy: Libraries promoting inclusion on campus, Michelle M. Maloney and Serjio Acevedo

Libraries as Bedrock: Partnering to promote diversity and inclusiveness on campus, Michelle M. Maloney and Serjio Acevedo

Circulating a legacy: Multicultural affairs and the university library partnering to promote inclusion on campus, Michelle M. Maloney and M. Bagus

Reaffirmation of reference: The role of *your* intellectual capital in marketing your campus to prospective students, Michelle M. Maloney and E. K. Chan

Digital project design: Informed learning essentials, Mary M. Somerville

Knowledge management theories and practices: An informed learning approach, Mary M. Somerville


Information in context': Co-designing workplace structures and systems for organisational learning, Mary M. Somerville and Zaana Howard

MLSG Career Event: Conversation with Veronica Alzalde, Veronica A. Wells

Shifting Notions of Spectacle in Maurice Ravel’s La Valse, Veronica A. Wells

Diversity in Stockton as Represented in the Archives, Michael J. Wurtz

John Muir and the Big Trees of Calaveras, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 2009

Instant messaging reference at doctoral research universities: What is success?, Michelle M. Maloney

Library 2.0. How does your (book) garden grow?: Increasing circulation at academic libraries through in-library book displays promoted via LibraryThing, Michelle M. Maloney

Reaching out through LibraryThing: Promoting collections and supporting campus diversity initiatives, Michelle M. Maloney

Supporting campus diversity initiatives: Making connections via LibraryThing, Michelle M. Maloney

Systems thinking as a leadership tool for organizational effectiveness: A North American case study, Anita Mirijamdotter and Mary M. Somerville

From evidence to action: A shared leadership approach, Denise Pan, Zaana Howard, Mary M. Somerville, and Anita Mirijamdotter


Workplace information literacy: Cultivation strategies for working smarter in 21st Century libraries, Mary M. Somerville, Zaana Howard, and Anita Mirijamdotter

A New Way to Search Old Maps, Michael J. Wurtz

Long after the Agreement Is Signed, Michael J. Wurtz

Treewise and Sequoical: John Muir and Giant Sequoia, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 2008


Building knowledge capabilities: An organisational learning approach, Zaana Howard and Mary M. Somerville

SSM inspired organizational change in a North American University Library: Lessons learned, Anita Mirijamdotter and Mary M. Somerville


Collaborative design and assessment: Learning ‘with and for’ users, Mary M. Somerville

Learning commons and learning spaces: Design, implementation, and evaluation essentials, Mary M. Somerville

Organizational effectiveness: A 'back to the basics' approach, Mary M. Somerville

Strategic organizational direction setting: A workplace learning opportunity, Mary M. Somerville and G. Yusko

Submissions from 2007


Libraries as a Place of Transgression, Harrison Inefuku, Robin Imhof, and Fred Gertler

A national initiative to assess and advance ICT literacy in higher education and the workforce, Alexius Smith Macklin, Gordon W. Smith, and Mary M. Somerville

A collaborative co-design approach for student-centric learning commons, Mary M. Somerville

Information – The "I" in IT, Mary M. Somerville


Participatory co-design: A relationship building approach for co-creating libraries of the future, Mary M. Somerville

Toward co-creation of knowledge in the Interaction Age: An organizational case study, Mary M. Somerville and Navjit Brar

Collaborative co-design: A user-centric approach for advancement of organizational learning, Mary M. Somerville and Mary Nino

Creative inquiry for the Knowledge Age, Mary M. Somerville, M. Roldan, and R. Feind

History of the Stockton State Hospital, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 2006

Toward lifelong ‘knowledge making’: Faculty development for student learning in the Cal Poly learning commons, David D. Gillette and Mary M. Somerville

Creative strategies for learning and leading: Learning commons purposes, relationships & outcomes, Barbara Schader, Mary M. Somerville, and Sallie Harlan

Scenario-based ICT literacy assessment: A new tool for evaluating the effectiveness of library instructional programs, Gordon W. Smith, Alexius Smith Macklin, and Mary M. Somerville

Enabling knowledge creation: An organizational development approach for advancing academic library centrality, Mary M. Somerville

Organizational learning and individual learning, Mary M. Somerville

Rethinking what we do and how we do it, Mary M. Somerville

Collaborative co-design: The Cal Poly Digital Teaching Library user centric approach, Mary M. Somerville and Navjit Brar


Systems thinking and information literacy: Elements of a knowledge enabling workplace environment, Mary M. Somerville, Anita Mirijamdotter, and Lydia Collins

Stories from the Brubeck Collection, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 2005

Faculty and student usability and focus group findings inform Digital Teaching Library interface requirements, David D. Gillette and Mary M. Somerville

Dynamic action inquiry: A systems approach for knowledge based organizational learning, Anita Mirijamdotter and Mary M. Somerville

An interactive evaluation approach for the creation of collaborative learning commons, Anita Mirijamdotter, Mary M. Somerville, and Marita Holst

A user-centered content architecture for an academic digital research portal, Erika Rogers, Mary M. Somerville, and Alissa Randles

Soft systems methodology results transform professional roles in the digital teaching library, Mary M. Somerville and Anita Mirijamdotter


Working smarter: An applied model for “better thinking" in dynamic information organizations, Mary M. Somerville and Anita Mirijamdotter

Holdings of the Holt-Atherton Special Collections and Archives, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 2004

Aquatopia: A Confluence of Art, Science and the California Watershed, Lisa Cooperman

Better Together: Strategies for Successful Faculty Interaction and Assessment, Robin Imhof and Craig Hawbaker

A Celebration of the Book: Or Promoting the Human(ities) Side of the Job, Robin Imhof and Kathy Ray

Systems thinking in the workplace: Implications for organizational leadership, Anita Mirijamdotter and Mary M. Somerville

A 'systems thinking' organizational leadership model for digital age knowledge organizations, Mary M. Somerville

If you build it with them, they will come: User-centered systems and services design strategies, Mary M. Somerville

Interactive planning and idealized design: A California Polytechnic State University case study, Mary M. Somerville

Knowledge integration work across boundaries: Inquiry into shared context for information exchange and knowledge creation, Mary M. Somerville

Constructivist workplace learning: An idealized design project, Mary M. Somerville and F. Vazquez

Submissions from 2003

More Pictures of Smoke Filled Skies and Fire Bombers?, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 2002

The History of the Mechanics’ Institute Library in San Francisco, Robin Imhof

Submissions from 2001

Yavapai Heritage Inventory Project, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 1997

History of Thumb Butte mythology, Prescott, Arizona, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 1995

Basic Archival Preservation, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 1994

Biography of William “Buckey” O’Neill, Michael J. Wurtz

Preservation and Conservation in a Medium Sized Photo Archives, Michael J. Wurtz