A selection of conference presentations, lecture and symposia from faculty members of Benerd College at University of the Pacific.


Presentations from 2018

Leading for Equity: 5 Steps from Reflection to Action, Laura Hallberg

Leading for Equity: It’s Not Something We Do, It’s Something We Are, Laura Hallberg

Leading for equity: From critical reflection to critical analysis to critical action, Laura Hallberg and L. J. Santiago

Engaging Students throughout the Core Competency Assessment Cycle, Justin Low and Cyd Jenefsky

No Longer Needed: Victims’ Dismissal of Civil Protection Orders, Jennifer Medel

Predicting Indirect Criminal Contempt of Protection Orders, Jennifer Medel

Developing a Valid Home-Grown Measure of Quantitative Reasoning with an Eye toward Faculty Ownership and Student Motivation, Glen Rogers, Justin Low, and Tara Bunag

Exploring the Case for Childhood Mental Health and Wellness Programs: The Sarafian Foundation, Karen M. Sarafian

WIOA – What teachers know and what they need to know, A. Suk, T. Sinclair, and Belkis Choiseul-Praslin

Presentations from 2017

The Social Media Academic, Sharla Berry

Social intersectionality and how it shapes our perspectives as professionals, Belkis Choiseul-Praslin

Distributing leadership to academic and operational teams: How to support principals in high needs schools with special populations, Belkis Choiseul-Praslin, A. Cepeda, J. Sewell, and C. McFadgion

Transition assessments, Belkis Choiseul-Praslin, J. Martin, and A. McConnell

How to swim, not drown in the sea of special education paperwork, Belkis Choiseul-Praslin, A. Suk, and M. Lingo

How to swim, not drown in the sea of special education paperwork, Belkis Choiseul-Praslin, A. Suk, and M. Lingo

Innovation and design for managers, Rod P. Githens

Scholars in tandem: Finding joy in collaboration to cross paradigms and transform research and practice, Jacalyn M. Griffen and Tenisha L. Tevis

Summer Bridge and Social-Emotional Learning: The Transition to High School, Laura Hallberg

Digital diaries: A qualitative tool to capture participants’ experiences, Ronald E. Hallett, J. Kitchen, and R. J. Perez

Homelessness, housing insecurity and ESSA, Ronald E. Hallett and Linda E. Skrla

Sitting Alone with a Text: Overcoming the Inherent Protestant Biases of American Education, Joel N. Lohr

Developing Students’ Self-Concept: The Importance of Teachers, Justin A. Low, A. N. Scott, A. J. Burns, and D. Gilbert

Second language vocabulary acquisition through storybook reading for Chinese children, Ting Lyu, Rachelle K. Hackett, Marilyn Draheim, and Justin A. Low

Spatial Inequality, Relative Deprivation, and Extralocal Neighborhood Influences on Youth Offending, Jennifer Medel and Matt Vogel

The promise of accessibility: Reconceptualizing college access for students with disabilities, Tenisha L. Tevis and Jacalyn Griffen

Parenting styles, parental involvement and kindergarten children’s readiness for elementary school in Shanghai, China, Xiaoying Xai, Linda L. Webster, Rachelle K. Hackett, and Lynn G. Beck

Presentations from 2016

Community Building in Online Doctoral Programs: A Case Study, Sharla Berry

Community Building in Online Learning Doctoral Programs: A Social Network Analysis, Sharla Berry

Constructing Community in Online Programs: A Digital Case Study, Sharla Berry

Creating a Digital Hub for College Access, Sharla Berry

Creating Community in Online Graduate Programs: Innovations that Impact Students’ Experiences, Sharla Berry

Designing Engaging Online Learning Environments for Graduate Students: Creating Online Community, Sharla Berry

Success Strategies in Online Programs, Sharla Berry

Teaching and Learning in Online Spaces: Instructor Practices that Support the Formation of Virtual Community, Sharla Berry

Analyzing the Role of the Co-Curriculum in Building Online Doctoral Students’ Sense of Community, Sharla Berry and M. Sundt

Developing a Graduate Culture in an Online Environment, Patricia J. Campbell

Principal assessment tools, Belkis Choiseul-Praslin, C. Brewer, and K. Winters

All that and more: University of Oklahoma – Zarrow Center transition resources for educators, Belkis Choiseul-Praslin, M. Deardorff, T. Sinclair, and M. Lingo

Creating connections through transition assessments for students with significant cognitive disabilities, Belkis Choiseul-Praslin, J. Pulos, T. Sinclair, and A. Suk

Minority and Majority Perceptions of Racial Profiling, Jennifer Gerlomes

Police-Youth Collaborative Pilot Program in St. Louis, Jennifer Gerlomes, Terrence J. Taylor, Jordan C. Pickering, and Timothy McCuddy

Evaluation 101: Assessment and evaluation to attain student success, Rod P. Githens

Reframing professional development: An actionable case study of a collaborative urban school counselor network, Jacalyn M. Griffen and Ronald E. Hallett

Scholarly conversations: Incarceration and college access, Ronald E. Hallett

Homeless in higher education, Ronald E. Hallett, Adam Freas, and R. Withrow-Clark

Creating Opportunities Via Education: A research partnership empowering parents, Ronald E. Hallett and Jacalyn M. Griffen

Addressing equitable student support across marginalized college student populations, Luis Antonio Leyva, Ah Ra Cho, Laura Parson, Lisa E. Wolf-Wendel, Aimee LaPointe Terosky, Luis Ponjuan, Ronald E. Hallett, and Leslie D. Gonzales

IQ Scores, Achievement Scores, and Social Outcomes, Justin A. Low, A. J. Burns, D. Gilbert, and S. N. Haddad

Book talk: Serving students who are Homeless: A resource guide for schools, districts, and educational leaders, Linda E. Skrla and Ronald E. Hallett

Associations between Chinese parents’ reading beliefs, home literary practices, children’s reading interests and literacy development, Wei Tang, Marilyn E. Draheim, Rachelle K. Hackett, and Justin Low

Does therapy matter for adolescents in the foster care system?, Linda Webster

The use of measures of attachment in a contested adoption case, Linda Webster

Presentations from 2015

Academic and Economic Empowerment, Sharla Berry

Economic Narratives of Computer Coding Organizations: A Critical Analysis of the Coding Movement, Sharla Berry

Navigating Higher Education, Sharla Berry

Success Strategies for African American Students, Sharla Berry

Industry employment intentions and program choosing motivations: A Self-Determination Theory approach, B. Cheng and Rachelle K. Hackett

Externalizing problems in preschool: The roles of early mother-child attachment and teacher-child conflict, Y. Fu, Linda L. Webster, and Rachelle K. Hackett

The role of teacher-child conflict in characterizing early mother-child attachment influences on behavior problems in preschool, Y. Fu, Linda L. Webster, and Rachelle K. Hackett

Minority and Majority Perceptions of Racial Profiling, Jennifer Gerlomes

Discovering institutional strengths to create a new destiny, Rod P. Githens

Evaluation 101: Assessment and evaluation to attain student success, Rod P. Githens

Using data to enhance performance, Rod P. Githens

Developing a scholarly identity., Rod P. Githens, Meera Alagaraja, T. M. Egan, and R. Malik

Critiques of research, Tomika W. Greer, Quincy H. Brown, Rod P. Githens, and Kimberly S. McDonald

Innovations in Family Engagement for the 21st Century, Jacalyn Griffen

Counseling in the 21st Century: An Actionable Case Study of a University-K-12 Partnership, Jacalyn Griffen and Ronald Hallett

Bridging barriers to build a partnership of trust: Exploration of an undocumented Latino parents’ journey, Jacalyn M. Griffen and Ronald E. Hallett

Empowering families to increase postsecondary access, Jacalyn Griffen and I. Ortiz

Exploring belonging and success in higher education, Ronald E. Hallett

Scholarly conversations: Key emerging topics in the study of higher education, Ronald E. Hallett

The power of utilizing qualitative research to advance social justice, Ronald E. Hallett

Beyond backpacks and bus tokens: Case study of a district homeless student initiative, Ronald E. Hallett, Linda E. Skrla, and J. A. Low

Community college foster youth preparedness for transfer to a four-year institution, Ronald E. Hallett and Melinda A. Westland


Evaluation of a Flipped Classroom in Mechanics of Materials, Luke S. Lee, Rachelle K. Hackett, and Hector Estrada

Using and Abusing the Bible: Is there a Method in the Madness?, Joel N. Lohr

Who are the People of God? Can Both Jews and Christians be Abraham’s Children?, Joel N. Lohr

Does Intelligence Predict Rater Discrepancies?, Justin A. Low

Rater Discrepancies between Adolescents and their Parents, Justin A. Low

Beyond backpacks and bus tokens: Case study of a district homeless student initiative., Justin A. Low, Ronald E. Hallett, and Linda Skrla

Students’ lives matter: Educational leadership grounded in compassion, Kathryn B. McKenzie, Joseph F. Johnson, Linda E. Skrla, Detra DeVerne Johnson, and Andrea Duroy

Work-life balance for women in educational leadership, Linda E. Skrla

Beyond backpacks and bus tokens: Case study of a district homeless student initiative, Linda E. Skrla and Ronald E. Hallett

Mobile Devices in Blended Classrooms and Social-Emotional Outcomes for Adolescents of Color, Brendesha M. Tynes and Sharla Berry

Using Mixed Methods to Study the Implementation of the Common Core Technology Project, Brendesha M. Tynes, Sophia Hiss, and Sharla Berry

Presentations from 2014

Connecting the Community: Lessons in Designing a Mobile App to Bridge the College Access Gap, Sharla Berry, V. Monterosa, and C. Perez

Active learning modules assessments: An update of results by gender and ethnic groups, Ashland O. Brown, Daniel D. Jensen, Richard H. Crawford, Joseph J. Rencis, Ella R. Sargent, Brock U. Dunlap, Rachelle K. Hackett, Kathy Schmidt Jackson, Kyle A. Watson, Ismail I. Orabi, Jiancheng Liu, John J. Wood, Christopher A. Wejmar, Paul H. Schimpf, and Chuan-Chiang Chen

Assessment of active learning modules: An update of research findings, Ashland O. Brown, Kyle A. Watson, Jiancheng Liu, Ismail I. Orabi, Joseph J. Rencis, Chuan-Chiang Chen, Firas Akasheh, John J. Wood, Kathy Schmidt Jackson, Rachelle K. Hackett, Ella R. Sargent, Brock U. Dunlap, Christopher A. Wejmar, Richard H. Crawford, and Daniel D. Jensen

Learning 3.0, Patricia J. Campbell

Celebrating 50 years as the premier journal in educational leadership: Recent editors discuss where EAQ has been and where it is going, Casey Cobb, Diana G. Pounder, Jane Clark Lindle, Linda E. Skrla, and Terah Venzant Chambers

Franchise advisory boards: A theory based typology, Denise M. Cumberland and Rod P. Githens

Explaining the Representation of African American Police Officers, Jennifer Gerlomes

Workforce development in community colleges, Rod P. Githens

Creating college access programs in public schools, Ronald E. Hallett

Inclusion roundtable: Developing inclusive relationships, Ronald E. Hallett

Engaging families in college preparation: An actionable research case study, Ronald E. Hallett, Jacalyn M. Griffen, and H. Stanco

"That idea we have in our mind of what homeless is, is not what homeless is”: A school district's journey toward recognizing the needs of homeless, doubled-up, and economically displaced children and youth, Ronald E. Hallett and Linda E. Skrla

Examining the paradox: Exploring African-American students' college transition trajectory via the effects of high school composition and expectations on degree attainment., Justin A. Low and T. Tevis

Community forum on income disparities, Linda E. Skrla

Serving "Families in Transition": District Response to Increased Family Homelessness during the US Economic Recession, Linda E. Skrla and Ronald E. Hallett