A selection of published journal articles from faculty members of the College of the Pacific at University of the Pacific.


Submissions from 1994

New classes of p-competition graphs and phi-tolerance competition graphs, C. A. Anderson, J. Richard Lundgren, Patricia A. McKenna, Larry L. Langley, and Sarah K. Merz

A note on bipartite interval tolerance graphs, Larry L. Langley


Isolation and Characterization of DNA-Binding Mutants of a Plasmid Replication Initiation Protein Utilizing an in Vivo Binding Assay, Joan Lin-Cereghino, Donald R. Helinski, and Aresa E. Toukdarian


The sorting receptor for yeast vacuolar carboxypeptidase Y is encoded by the VPS10 gene, Eric Marcusson, Bruce Horazdovsky, Joan Lin-Cereghino, Editte Gharakhanian, and Scott Emr

Submissions from 1993


The essentiality of the three carboxy-terminal amino acids of the plasmid RK2 replication initiation protein TrfA for DNA-binding and replication activity, Joan Lin-Cereghino and Donald R. Helinski


Synthesis of Sterically Hindered Imines, Brian E. Love and Jianhua Ren

Submissions from 1992

A private enterprise. Hill v. NCAA was widely seen as a major setback for NCAA drug testing. Now, the California Supreme Court will review the case, Margaret E. Ciccolella

Full court press. Challenges of the NCAA's drug testing program reflect an uncertainty over its place in education and ultimately, its constitutionality, Margaret E. Ciccolella


"Right to privacy" challenges to NCAA drug testing, Margaret E. Ciccolella


Analysis of mutations in trfA, the replication initiation gene of the broad-host-range plasmid RK2, Joan Lin-Cereghino and Donald R. Helinski

Submissions from 1991

Gender differences in body composition changes in moderately obese individuals, Margaret E. Ciccolella

Negligence liability and the injured athlete, Margaret E. Ciccolella

Unrelated business income tax and the educationally based sports medicine clinic, Margaret E. Ciccolella

An educationally based sports medicine clinic: A familiar game with new rules, Margaret E. Ciccolella and L. Koehler

Submissions from 1990

A clinic of innovation, Margaret E. Ciccolella and M. Wilborn

Metabolic responses to controlled frequency breathing in competitive swimmers, Glenn P. Towne and J. Mark Van Ness

Metabolic responses to controlled frequency breathing in competitive swimmers; Implications for hypoxic training, Glenn P. Towne and J. Mark Van Ness

Physiological responses to plyometric exercising on trained volley players, J. Mark Van Ness, J. Avalos, C. A. Trampe, and Glenn P. Towne

Submissions from 1989

Exercise in hot weather, Margaret E. Ciccolella

Facts about cholesterol, Margaret E. Ciccolella


Cellular gene expression in papillomas of the choroid plexus from transgenic mice that express the simian virus 40 large T antigen, Jeffrey R. Marks, Joan Lin-Cereghino, Philip Hinds, Douglas Miller, and Arnold J. Levine


Utilization of luciferase fusion genes to monitor differential regulation of phytohemagglutinin and phaseolin promoters in transgenic tobacco, C. D. Riggs, D. C. Hunt, Joan Lin-Cereghino, and M. J. Chrispeels

Controlled frequency breathing does not alter blood lactate in competitive swimmers, J. Mark Van Ness and Glenn P. Towne

Submissions from 1988

Comparison of swim testing techniques to assess VO2 max in trained swimmers, S. H. Hohm, Glenn P. Towne, and J. Mark Van Ness


Neutral amino acid transport systems in animal cells: potential targets of oncogene action and regulators of cellular growth, Milton H. Saier Jr., Gregory A. Daniels, Paula Boerner, and Joan Lin-Cereghino