A selection of presentations, conference proceedings and lectures from faculty members of the School of Engineering and Computer Science at University of the Pacific.


Submissions from 2023


True-Ed Select Enters Social Computing: A Machine Learning Based University Selection Framework, Jerry Cearley and Vivek K. Pallipuram

Searching in Virtual Reality with Teleportation as a Travel Technique, Daniel C. Cliburn

Narrative Methods in Discipline-Based Education Research, Sebastian Dziallas

Spectral Analysis of Arabic Speech Sounds, Chadi El Kari

Fall Determinants in Older Adults, Jinzhu Gao

Can you institutionalize self-regulated learning as an equity practice?: One institution's experience with four programs, Shelly Gulati, Emily Brienza-Larsen, and Leslie Bayers

Invited speaker: Neural Coding and Models for Natural Sounds Recognition, Fatemeh Khatami

Integrating sUAVs into Vector Control in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness, while remaining financially responsible, Dongbin Lee

Pilot Hole Size Effect on Screw Pullout Strength in Bone, JuEun Lee

Safe Drilling Depth for Deep Hole Bone Drilling, JuEun Lee

Temperature Rise in Dental Implants, JuEun Lee

Use of Simscape in an Introductory Power Electronics Course, Cherian P. Mathews

A Biomaterials Tool Kit to Understand Tissue Injury and Engineer Translatable Regeneration, Varadraj Vernekar

Submissions from 2022


A2Cloud-H: A Multi-tiered Machine Learning Framework for Cost-Effective Cloud Resource Selection, Xusheng Ai, Tapaswini Jena, Syeduzzaman Khan, Robert Hughes, and Vivek K. Pallipuram

An automated quantitative information flow analysis for concurrent programs, Sepehr Amir-Mohammadian

Instrumenting microservices for concurrent audit logging: Beyond Horn clauses, Sepehr Amir-Mohammadian


How the First Year of a Work-based Degree in Software Engineering Prepares Students for Industry, Matthew Barr, Derek Somerville, and Sebastian Dziallas


Teaching Virtual Reality in Virtual Reality, Keely Canniff and Daniel C. Cliburn

Adopting a New Practice: Open Source Experiences in the Classroom, Sebastian Dziallas

Experience Report: Running and Participating in a Multi-Institutional Research in Practice Project Activity (RIPPA), Sebastian Dziallas

Exploring the Landscape of Degree-Level Apprenticeships, Sebastian Dziallas

How the First Year of a Work-based Degree in Software Engineering Prepares Students for Industry, Sebastian Dziallas

The Importance of Maintaining Proper Visibility of Highway Lane Delineation During Highway Construction, Hector Estrada

Comparative analysis of the embodied energy and carbon footprint of concrete compared to other construction materials, Hector Estrada and Luke S. Lee

A Computer Vision Toolkit for Adapting a COVID-19 Lifestyle, Jinzhu Gao

Work in Progress: An Integrative Learning-Centered Advising Experience for First Year Students, Shelly Gulati

Investigating Practices in Long Term Student Development, Osvaldo Jiménez

Tracking stress level of students using physiological data to enhance students’ performance, Fatemeh Khatami

Optimizing Wi-Fi planning using Building Information Modeling, Mehdi Khazaeli, Luke S. Lee, and Hector Estrada

Mechanical and Thermal Analysis of Surgical Operations, JuEun Lee


Comparing Teleportation Methods for Travel in Everyday Virtual Reality, Dominic Lesaca, Henry Cheung, Tapaswini Jena, and Daniel C. Cliburn


Experience Report: Running and Participating in a Multi-Institutional Research in Practice Project Activity (RIPPA), Jack Parkinson, Sebastian Dziallas, Gary Lewandowski, Fiona McNeill, Jim Williams, and Quintin Cutts

ASCE's Response to the Pandemic: Execution of a Remote ExCEEd Teaching Workshop, Camilla M. Saviz

Identifying Obstacles to Master's Level ABET EAC Accreditation, Camilla M. Saviz

Teaching Techniques and How Faculty Engage the Engineering Classroom, Camilla M. Saviz


I think we should break up - class, that is, Jeffrey Shafer, Matthew Swenty, Benjamin Dymond, David A. Saftner, Camilla M. Saviz, Dalessandro K. Caple, Tanya Kunberger, and Christopher R. Shearer

Submissions from 2021

A semantic framework for direct information flows in hybrid-dynamic systems, Sepehr Amir-Mohammadian

Quantifying information leakage of probabilistic programs using the PRISM model checker., Sepehr Amir-Mohammadian

Towards an indoor navigation system using monocular visual SLAM, Sepehr Amir-Mohammadian

Learning in Context: A First Look at a Graduate Apprenticeship, Sebastian Dziallas

Photogrammetry within Virtual Reality, Abel A. Fernandez

A Study of Online Teaching Practices of Art and Design Courses During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Jinzhu Gao

Predicting Falls in Older Adults Aged 65 and Up Based on Fall Risk Dataset, Jinzhu Gao

A Book Club Model to Promote Personal and Professional Development Activities for Female Engineering and Computer Science Students, Shelly Gulati

Effectiveness of Remote Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Spring 2020: A Survey of Engineering and Computer Science Students, Rick Hutley, Rahim Khoie, Camilla M. Saviz, and Michael Doherty

Algogame: A Customizable Educational Game For Recursive Algorithms, Osvaldo Jiménez

Comparing Software Methodologies in Educational Game Development, Osvaldo Jiménez

Philosophies of CS1, Osvaldo Jiménez


Comparing design-based and agile methodologies in educational game development, Osvaldo Jiménez and Dennis Ramirez

Visualization as an Instructional Tool for Structural Design, Mehdi Khazaeli, Hector Estrada, and Luke S. Lee

Entrepreneurial Mindset Learning in an Introduction to Bioengineering course, Mehdi Khazaeli and Shelly Gulati

How Engineering Can Prevent Bone Cell Death During Surgical Operations, JuEun Lee

Sensitivity Analysis of Input Parameters for Dental Implants, JuEun Lee

Structures and Adaptations to Foster Student Success in the COVID-19 Pandemic Learning Environment, Cherian P. Mathews

Virtually speaking - Perspectives on ABET Virtual Reviews, Camilla M. Saviz

Towards concurrent audit logging in microservices, Afsoon Yousefi Zowj and Sepehr Amir-Mohammadian

Submissions from 2020


A Qualitative Evaluation of Student Experience with a Virtual Heritage Application, Claryse Adams, Daniel C. Cliburn, Joshua Salyers, and Rukhsar Shiraz

Integrated workflow for use of unmanned aerial vehicles in monitoring water resources, Elizabeth Basha and Mary Kay Camarillo


Exploring an active learning focus in a liberal arts engineering curriculum, David Robert Bruce and Sebastian Dziallas

Automated Bathymetric Mapping Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Wetlands Monitoring, Mary Kay Camarillo and Elizabeth Basha

Integrated workflow for use of unmanned aerial vehicles in monitoring water resources., Mary Kay Camarillo and Elizabeth Basha

Integration of unmanned aerial vehicles and aerial photogrammetry into a civil engineering course, Mary Kay Camarillo and Elizabeth Basha

Revising Roles: Enhancing an engineering capstone course to improve outcomes for women, Mary Kay Camarillo and Eileen Camfield

Effectiveness of Remote Leaning the COVID-19 Pandemic in Spring 2020; A Survey of Engineering and Computer Science Students, Michael E. Doherty, Camilla M. Saviz, Richard Hutley, and Michael Doherty

Building a New University at the Intersection of Liberal Arts and Engineering, Sebastian Dziallas

Building the Airplane While Flying It: Co-Designing a Curriculum With Students at a New Institution, Sebastian Dziallas

Exploring an Active-learning Focus in a Liberal Arts Engineering Curriculum, Sebastian Dziallas

Data Migration in Large Scale Heterogeneous Storage Systems with Space Constraints, Chadi El Kari

Correct Audit Logging in Concurrent Systems, Chadi El Kari and Sepehr Amir-Mohammadian

Innovative Computer Science Education During Pandemic, Jinzhu Gao


Why analog games now?, Matthew Gaydos and Osvaldo Jiménez


A2Cloud-cc: A Machine Learning Council to Guide Cloud Resource Selection for Scientific Applications, Lisa Her, Syeduzzaman Khan, David Samuel, Xusheng Ai, Sixia Chen, and Vivek K. Pallipuram

The Role of Correlations and Rate Codes for Natural Sound Texture Recognition and Discrimination, Fatemeh Khatami

The carbon emissions of wind power; A study of emissions of windmill in the panhandle of Texas, Rahim Khoie, Andrew Bose, and Joshua Saltzman

Forecasting carbon emissions in seven eastern states of the United States; the effects of coal deregulations, Rahim Khoie and Antonio Calderon


The Carbon Emissions of Wind Power; A Study of Emissions of Windmill in the Panhandle of Texas, Rahim Khoie and Antonio Calderon

Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Cortical Bone by Compensating Heat Loss in Parallel Plate Method, JuEun Lee

Effect of Drill Flute Geometry on Deep-Hole Bone Drilling Performance with Applications to Cochlear Implantation, JuEun Lee


Positive Effects of a Small Grant for Creation of Open Education Resources, Cherian Mathews

Toward Continuous Improvement of EAC/ABET Criteria 3 and 5, Camilla M. Saviz


Zero emissions network; A pilot program for carbon emissions reduction, Sarah Townes, Rahim Khoie, and Panteli Stathopulos

Submissions from 2019


A Cross-Disciplinary Course on Virtual Reality, Daniel C. Cliburn


Accountable disciplinary knowledge in computing education: A case-comparative approach, Sebastian Dziallas and Sally Fincher

Securing the Human: A Review of Literature on Broadening Diversity in Cybersecurity Education., Chadi El Kari


Data Migration in Large Scale Heterogeneous Storage Systems with Nodes to Spare, Chadi El Kari, Sixia Chen, Sepehr Amir-Mohammadian, and Vivek K. Pallipuram

The Role of Structural Performance Based Design in Sustainability, Hector Estrada


Space, place and practice in computing education, Sally Fincher, Sebastian Dziallas, and Daniel Knox

Development of Hydrogel-based Cell Stretching Devices as in vitro Model of Atherosclerotic Vessel Walls, Maria Gencoglu

Thriving Tigers: Pacific's shift to an integrated faculty, academic and career services advising model, Shelly Gulati

Spectral Entropy Describes Human Superior Gyrus Responses to Natural Speech, Fatemeh Khatami, Matthew Leonard, and Edward F. Chang

Continuity of ERD over the Time in Contralateral Hemisphere during Imagination of Right-Hand Movement, Fatemeh Khatami and Abbas Erfanian Omidvar

Building performance ontology based on parametric design, Mehdi Khazaeli, Hector Estrada, and Luke S. Lee

Forces in Deep-Hole Bone Drilling, JuEun Lee


Evaluation of information widgets for a virtual reality serious game, Joshua Salyers, Daniel C. Cliburn, Keely Canniff, and Stephany Barajas

Civil Engineering Department Head Perspectives on the Civil Engineering Program Criteria and the Body of Knowledge, 3rd edition, Camilla M. Saviz

Civil Engineering Program Criteria: A snapshot of how programs meet the criteria, Camilla M. Saviz


Non-Traditional Novices' Perceptions of Learning to Program: A Framework of Developing Mental Models, Thomas Hvid Spangsberg, Sally Fincher, and Sebastian Dziallas


PoloTrac: A water polo tracking and advanced statistics application, Nathan Verlin, Joey Gullikson, John Mayberry, and Daniel C. Cliburn

Submissions from 2018


A2Cloud: An Analytical Model for Application-to-Cloud Matching to Empower Scientific Computing, Cody Balos, David De La Vega, Zachariah Abuelhaj, Chadi El Kari, David Mueller, and Vivek K. Pallipuram

UAV-based Automated Labeling of Training Data for Online Water and Land Differentiation, Elizabeth Basha