A selection of presentations, conference proceedings and lectures from faculty members of the School of Engineering and Computer Science at University of the Pacific.


Submissions from 2016


Comparison of upwind and downwind operation of the NREL Phase VI Experiment, Scott M. Larwood and R. Chow

Submissions from 2015


Prediction and Alleviation of Flutter in Swept Wind Turbine Blades, Scott M. Larwood

Submissions from 2013

Strength Testing an Embedded Sensor Blade Bolt for Wind Turbine Applications, Scott M. Larwood

Submissions from 2010

Pitch Control Algorithm to Limit Damaging Loads without Reducing Turbine Performance, Scott Johnson, Scott M. Larwood, Gerald McNerney, and C. P. Van Dam

Submissions from 2006


Swept Wind Turbine Blade Aeroelastic Modeling for Loads and Dynamic Behavior, Scott M. Larwood and Mike Zutek

Submissions from 2002


The NREL Large-Scale Turbine Infow and Response Experiment - Preliminary Results, Neil Kelley, Maureen Hand, Scott M. Larwood, and Ed McKenna

Submissions from 2001


Wind Tunnel Testing of NREL's Unsteady Aerodynamics Experiment, Lee Fingersh, Dave Simms, Maureen Hand, Dave Jager, Jason Cotrell, Mike Robinson, Scott Schreck, and Scott M. Larwood


Wind Turbine Wake Measurements in the Operating Region of a Tail Vane, Scott M. Larwood


Controlled Velocity Testing of an 8-kW Wind Turbine, Scott M. Larwood, Jim Sencenbaugh, and Brian Acker

Submissions from 2000


Comprehensive Testing of NedWind 12-meter Wind Turbine Blades at NREL, Scott M. Larwood and Walter Musial

Submissions from 1990

Aerodynamic Design of the DaVinci Human-Powered Helicopter, Scott M. Larwood and Neal Saiki