A selection of journal articles written by faculty in the College of the Pacific - Department of Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences at University of the Pacific.


Submissions from 2017


Concussion policy and law: Primacy or subservience for the athletic trainer?, Margaret E. Ciccolella, Chris Ludwig, J. Mark Van Ness, Scott Sailor, and Christopher Pond


Brand management in a niche sport: A case study of an LPGA golfer's use of Instagram, Melissa J. Davies and Michael Mudrick

Submissions from 2016


The relationship between other-initiated motivational climate and youth hockey players’ good and poor sport behaviors, Melissa J. Davies, Megan Babkes Stellino, Brett A. Nichols, and Lyndsie Coleman


The relationship between basic psychological need satisfaction, behavioral regulation, and Participation in CrossFit, Melissa J. Davies, Lyndsie Coleman, and Megan Babkes Stellino


Exploring the information source preferences among Canadian adult golf league members, Melissa J. Davies and Dianna Gray

Submissions from 2015

Language and Licensing: A Brief Review of Legal Issues Relevant to the Athletic Trainer, Margaret E. Ciccolella, J. Hoenig, J. Thornton, and J. Rollo


Modernized rules could remove hurdles for millennial fans, Melissa J. Davies


A qualitative analysis of athletic apparel and equipment sponsorship and student-athlete recruitment at the football championship, Melissa J. Davies and Katharine A. Burakowski

Submissions from 2014

Rhabdomyolysis and the law: A brief review, Margaret E. Ciccolella, B. Moore, J. Mark Van Ness, and J. Wyant

Submissions from 2013


Disability law and the simplification of science: scientific and legal challenges to the functional capacity evaluation in individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome, Margaret E. Ciccolella and Todd E. Davenport

Submissions from 2011


Legal Aspects of Aerobic Capacity: Objective Evidence of the Ability to Work Part I: Age as a Bona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ), Margaret E. Ciccolella and Tommy Boone


Legal aspects of aerobic capacity: objective evidence of the ability to work, Margaret E. Ciccolella, Tommy Boone, and Todd E. Davenport

Submissions from 2008


Good faith and fair dealing: the implied duty to meaningfully educate the college athlete., Margaret E. Ciccolella, Linda A. Sharp, and Kerry Krueger


A public at risk: Personal fitness trainers without a standard of care, Margaret E. Ciccolella, J. Mark Van Ness, and Tommy Boone

Submissions from 2007


Legal and Scientific Considerations of the Exercise Stress Test, Margaret E. Ciccolella, Christopher R. Snell, J. Mark Van Ness, and Staci R. Stevens

Submissions from 2005


Blood lactate and metabolic responses to controlled frequency breathing during graded swimming., Sharon A. West-Sell, Micah J. Drummond, J. Mark Van Ness, and Margaret E. Ciccolella

Submissions from 2004

Exercise as punishment, Margaret E. Ciccolella and M. Wright


Issues in the Standard of Care for Certified Athletic Trainers, Sharon A. West and Margaret E. Ciccolella

Submissions from 2002

Recreational accidents on public property: Who is to blame?, Margaret E. Ciccolella and M. Wright

Metabolic and biomechanic changes during controlled frequency breathing swimming, Micah J. Drummond, J. Mark Van Ness, Margaret E. Ciccolella, and Sharon A. West

Submissions from 1992

A private enterprise. Hill v. NCAA was widely seen as a major setback for NCAA drug testing. Now, the California Supreme Court will review the case, Margaret E. Ciccolella

Full court press. Challenges of the NCAA's drug testing program reflect an uncertainty over its place in education and ultimately, its constitutionality, Margaret E. Ciccolella


"Right to privacy" challenges to NCAA drug testing, Margaret E. Ciccolella

Submissions from 1991

Gender differences in body composition changes in moderately obese individuals, Margaret E. Ciccolella

Negligence liability and the injured athlete, Margaret E. Ciccolella

Unrelated business income tax and the educationally based sports medicine clinic, Margaret E. Ciccolella

An educationally based sports medicine clinic: A familiar game with new rules, Margaret E. Ciccolella and L. Koehler

Submissions from 1990

A clinic of innovation, Margaret E. Ciccolella and M. Wilborn

Submissions from 1989

Exercise in hot weather, Margaret E. Ciccolella

Facts about cholesterol, Margaret E. Ciccolella