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From political controversy to parental outrage, music censorship has been at the center of it all. Rock ‘n’ roll censorship, in particular, is as old as the art form itself, and understanding the role of music censorship is crucial to gaining a comprehensive view of the music industry at large. This project will guide viewers from the initial explosion of music censorship in the 1950s to the lasting effects it has had on the music we hear today. Overall, it will reveal how rock ‘n’ roll ignited censorship of popular music.

Special attention is given to racial divides within the US, fears of corruption, and social stigmas surrounding drug culture with various quotes from rock ‘n’ roll legends such as Fats Domino and Frank Zappa, key song excerpts, and images documented from actual events. Demonstrating the impacts of music censorship on both artists and listeners, this project prompts the audience to think more deeply about the music we consume and to stay inquisitive about what is happening behind the scenes of the music industry.

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Amber Cooley (class of '21) is pursuing a BS in Business with a Concentration in Marketing and a minor in Music Management. Find more info on Amber via her LinkedIn profile and Censorship Playlist on Spotify.

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