Volume 3, Issue 2 (2020) Special Issue: The Beatles

Volume 3, Issues 1 & 2 - Letter from the Editor

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Special Issue


Come Together
Doone'y Harris


"We all live..."
Bryan Kyner


Fab 4
Nicole Wasnock


Acid Rose
Mia Saucedo


Here Comes The Sun
Olivia Valentino


"Twist & Shout" FK Remix
Kristopher Jones


Moved Through Abbey Road
Raymond Gallo III

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Editor, Concert and Album Reviews
Nicole Wasnock, University of the Pacific, 2020
Editor, Industry News & Analysis
June Benoit, University of the Pacific, 2022
Editor, Industry Profiles
Jennifer Morrow, University of the Pacific, 2020
Keith Hatschek, Conservatory of Music, University of the Pacific
Publication Manager
Michele Gibney, University Libraries, University of the Pacific
Marketing Coordinator
R.J. Bagus, Conservatory of Music, University of the Pacific