A selection of conference and lecture presentations from faculty members of the College of the Pacific at University of the Pacific.


Submissions from 1998

The Culinary Text as Historical Document, Ken Albala

Impossible Monuments: Memorial Bodies in Beloved and The Sound and the Fury, Cynthia Dobbs

GLYCALS III: Structure and Conformation of Tri-O-acetyl-D-glucal Dimer in Solid State and in Solution, Andreas H. Franz

GLYCALS IV: Saccharo-Mimetics from Glycal Precursors, Andreas H. Franz

Molecular Dumbbells: NOE Experiments on Ferrier-Dimers, Andreas H. Franz and Paul H. Gross

OCO-Tetrasaccharides and 13C-enriched Ferrier Dimers – Synthesis and Solution Conformation, Andreas H. Franz, Michael J. Minch, and Paul H. Gross

Treatment effects on persons' long-term adjustment to the cardiac defibrillator, Carolynn S. Kohn, R. Petrucci, D. Soto, C. Baessler, and C. Movsowitz

Religious Illusion in J.S. Mill’s Religion of Humanity, Lou Matz

Service review: Improving consumer benefits by increasing control of outcome data over front line human service activity (Larry W. Williams), Matthew P. Normand

The analysis of behavioral mechanisms in JOBM, Matthew P. Normand, B. Bucklin, and J. Austin

Embracing the Erotic in the Passion of Andrew: the Apocryphal Acts of Andrew, the Greek Novel, and Platonic Philosophy, Caroline T. Schroeder

Francia as Christendom: Gender and Christianization in the Merovingian Life of Balthild, Caroline T. Schroeder

Holy Rape: Female Bodies and Male Sin in Early Christian Ascetic Literature, Caroline T. Schroeder

A subjective and objective assessment of nasal patency in aerobically trained males before and after application of a Breathe Right Nasal Strip, A. L. VanBemden, Sharon A. West-Sell, A. C. Perry, J. L. Signorile, and R. O. Morgan

GABA and NMDA Expression in PVN: Cross-talk or efferent outflow?, J. Mark Van Ness

Effect of Breathe Right Nasal Strips (BRNS) on measures of performance in aerobically trained males, Sharon A. West-Sell, A. C. Perry, J. S. Signorile, R. O. Morgan, and A. L. VanBemben

Submissions from 1997


Fish in Renaissance Dietary Theory, Ken Albala

The Art of Eating in Renaissance Europe, Ken Albala

The Medical Origins of Culinary Traditions, Ken Albala

Development of a parental pressure scale, A. C. Butler, C. E. Johnston, and Carolynn S. Kohn

A Molecular Orbital Analysis of the Geometry of Amines and Phosphines, Anthony D. Dutoi

GLYCALS - An Extended Study of the "Ferrier Dimerization", Andreas H. Franz and Paul H. Gross

GLYCALS. Dihydroxylation study of Ferrier Dimers, Andreas H. Franz and Paul H. Gross

Promoting ethnic diversity in marital studies: Lessons from one research program, S. L. Sayers, Carolynn S. Kohn, D. M. Colombo, and M. Gangarosa

Francia as Christendom: the Merovingian Vita Domnae Balthildis, Caroline T. Schroeder

Holy Rape: Sexual Violence against Women in Early Christian Literature, Caroline T. Schroeder

Politics as Piety: Gender and Christianization in the Life of Balthild, Caroline T. Schroeder

Cutting Edge Therapies for Controlling Blood Pressure, J. Mark Van Ness

Neuropeptide Y and Hypothalamic Paraventricular Nucleus Contribute to the Anti-Hypertensive Effect of Negative Energy Balance Diets, J. Mark Van Ness

Role of Food Restriction on Blood Pressure Regulation in Hypertensives., J. Mark Van Ness

Submissions from 1996

Food for Thought: Scholarly Diets, Ken Albala

Food in Renaissance Italy, Ken Albala


How 16th Century Scholars Beat the Traveling Blues, Ken Albala

Leonardo’s Anatomical Studies, Ken Albala

Legal Issues in Exercise Testing and Prescription, Margaret E. Ciccolella

Let's Get Fit and Shape Up, Margaret E. Ciccolella

Shape Up The Treatment of Obesity at St. Joseph's Fitness Center, Margaret E. Ciccolella

Teaching at Private Colleges/Universities, Margaret E. Ciccolella

What makes a good relationship? The role of relationship standards in marital distress, Carolynn S. Kohn, S. L. Sayers, and B. Brigidi

Hegel’s Missing Moral Virtues?, Lou Matz

Protecting Liberty and Promoting Virtue in Mill’s On Liberty: A Rejoinder to Fitzjames Stephen, Lou Matz

Premarital prevention materials for consumers: How behavioral are they?, S. L. Sayers, D. M. Colombo, M. Gangarosa, B. Brigidi, and Carolynn S. Kohn

The Hypothalamus as a Target for Hypertension., J. Mark Van Ness

Submissions from 1995

Food as Aphrodisiac in Renaissance Medicine, Ken Albala

Humoral Pathology and Renaissance Medicine, Ken Albala

Thought listing using free recall and videotape reconstruction: Content coding of cognitions of depressed-discordant wives, S. L. Sayers, D. M. Fresco, Carolynn S. Kohn, and D. Sarwer


Novel protein kinase/phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase complex essential for receptor-mediated protein sorting to the vacuole in yeast, J. H. Stack, P. K. Herman, D. B. DeWald, Eric G. Marcusson, Joan Lin-Cereghino, Bruce Horazdovsky, and Scott D. Emr

Submissions from 1994

Effect of cytochrome C supplementation on VO2 peak, blood lactate, ventilatory anaerobic threshold, and exercise duration, Daryl Lee Parker, Irvin E. Faria, Erik W. Faria, and J. Mark Van Ness

Submissions from 1993

Social Stratification in Renaissance Dietaries, Ken Albala

Submissions from 1992

Unit and proper tolerance graphs, Larry J. Langley

Unit and proper tolerance graphs, Larry J. Langley


TrfA initiator protein mutants altered for binding to plasmid RK2 origin, Aresa E. Toukdarian, Joan Lin-Cereghino, and Donald R. Helinski

Lactate and metabolic responses to controlled frequency breathing during graded tethered swimming., J. Mark Van Ness, Fred D. Baldini, Irvin E. Faria, and B. Edwards

Submissions from 1991

Legal Challenges to Drug Testing by the NCAA, Margaret E. Ciccolella

The Predecessor successor relation of a partially ordered set, Larry J. Langley

Submissions from 1990

Coaching Education and the Law, Margaret E. Ciccolella

An Educationally Based Sports Medicine Clinic: A Familiar Game with New Rules, Margaret E. Ciccolella and L. Koehler


Mutational analyses of TrfA, the replication initiation protein of RK2, Joan Lin-Cereghino and Donald R. Helinski

Submissions from 1989

Gender Differences in Body Composition Changes in Moderately Obese Individuals, Margaret E. Ciccolella

Behavior Science in Athletic Training, Margaret E. Ciccolella and K. Krueger

Opportunities for Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine Services in Sports Medicine Clinics, M. Foster, M. Gipson, Margaret E. Ciccolella, D. Yaffe, and B. O'Carroll

Health psychology as a component of sports medicine services and training, M. Gipson, M. Foster, V. O'Carroll, D. Yaffe, Margaret E. Ciccolella, P. L. Watkins, C. Bene, and B. Moore

Psychosocial factors in sports injury diagnosis and rehabilitation: The case of women's intercollegiate volleyball, P. Hankins, M. Gipson, Margaret E. Ciccolella, V. O'Carroll, and D. Yaffe

Injuries in women's intercollegiate volleyball: Incidence and diagnostic and treatment processes, R. Hankins, M. Gipson, Margaret E. Ciccolella, V. O'Carroll, D. Yaffe, and S. Washburn

Race, Physical Attributes and Athletic Performance: A Case Study of a Failed Theory, John Phillips and Margaret E. Ciccolella

Submissions from 1988

Fitness for Competitive Drivers, Margaret E. Ciccolella

Submissions from 1986

Sports Medicine in the 80's, Margaret E. Ciccolella

Submissions from 1985

Aerobic Fitness, Margaret E. Ciccolella

Obesity: Causes, Cost & Control, Margaret E. Ciccolella