Policies for Tiger Tales

The University of the Pacific Libraries would like to keep a historical record of our humanity during the politically charged, pandemic era. While we want to collect and store all your unique experiences, we do request you follow the below policies:

  1. Please upload only items pertaining to the subject material (pandemic, COVID-19, shelter-in-place, personal experiences, social justice) or they will not be published.
  2. Only share what you feel comfortable with sharing.
  3. Please be honest and respectful in your submission.

All Pacific students, staff, faculty, and alumni can participate by submitting a photograph, text document (poetry, essay, reflection paper, PowerPoint, etc.), or a 1-15 minute video describing how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their lives using the online submission form here.

These impressions will be stored in Scholarly Commons, a repository with accessibility maintained by the University Libraries. By uploading items to this collection, you are agreeing to give your ownership of the content to the University of the Pacific Libraries. In an event that you want your uploaded content removed from Scholarly Commons, contact an administrator for the Pacific Tiger Tales at scholarlycommons@pacific.edu.