Submission Guidelines for Tiger Tales


Submitting through this website:

  1. Upload any file type (common formats might be image, video, and text-based).
  2. Uploaded files need to be under 1GB.
  3. Link to the submission form is here


  1. Please upload only items pertaining to the subject material (pandemic, COVID-19, shelter-in-place, personal experiences, social justice) or they will not be published.
  2. Only share what you feel comfortable with sharing.
  3. Please be honest and respectful in your submission.
  4. If submitting a video, keep time length between 1 and 15 minutes.

Suggested prompts for subject matter - give them your personal spin!

  1. Shifting to an online world for learning, work, and socializing
  2. Changes in living and care-giving situations
  3. Social distancing and the stay at home orders
  4. Examples of promoting social justice
  5. Creative solutions to daily life challenges

If submitting a video; tips for recording

  1. Test all your recording equipment thoroughly before recording.
  2. Your face should be centered on the screen for maximum visibility.
  3. Make sure that your face is evenly lit using lighting that is neither too bright or too dark.
  4. When recording, please speak clearly and loudly.


Email us at with any questions!