Creative strategies for learning and leading: Learning commons purposes, relationships & outcomes



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Conference Presentation

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California Association of Research Libraries


Pacific Grove, CA

Conference Dates

April 20-23, 2006

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The term 'Learning Commons' (LC) has become a buzz word in our profession in the last few years. But what is a Learning Commons and how does it differ from the Information Commons? We are advancing the concept of the ‘contemporary transformation of information commons to learning commons, where the focus is on learning rather than on technology’. The pre-conference will explore how California institutions have developed and implemented their learning commons, the partnerships they have formed, and the outcomes each has experienced regarding the effectiveness of the LC for student learning, how it has been accepted by faculty and campus administration, what has been the impact on the libraries providing LCs and other Collaborative Learning Spaces. Attendees will learn effective strategies for planning, developing and implementing the Learning Commons or Learning Spaces most appropriate to their particular campus and library mission, goals and milieu. Attendees will be provided with information and strategies for effectively partnering with campus stakeholders, what pitfalls to avoid etc.

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