A collection of journal articles and white papers from the librarian and staff members of University of the Pacific Libraries.


Submissions from 2004


Review. National Portrait Gallery Online, Robin Imhof


Review. Sedaris, David, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, Robin Imhof

A Northern California Sojourner in Prescott, Michael J. Wurtz

Community Rallied Around Bashford House 30 Years Ago, Michael J. Wurtz


Dear John Letters Reveal Expectations, Michael J. Wurtz


One ‘Minute Mystery’: Investigating Muir’s Temperature Notation, Michael J. Wurtz

Celestials and Soiled Doves: The Archaeology and History of Lots 4-9, Block 13 of Historic Prescott's Original Townsite - The Prescott City Centre Project, Michael J. Wurtz, Michael S. Foster, John M. Lindley, and Ronald F. Ryden

Submissions from 2003


Learning to make a difference: Coverage from ACRL's 11 National Conference, Part 2, Angela Gooden, Robin Imhof, Allison Ondrasik King, Jennifer Little, and Susan B. Markley

Review. The Harvey Milk Institute Guide to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Internet research, Robin Imhof


Ernest A. Love: More Than Prescott’s Airport, Alan Roesler and Michael J. Wurtz

From Many One: Sharlot Hall Museum from the 1940s-1970s, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 2002

The Dig: Granite Street's Red Light District and Chinese, Anita Nordbrock, Mike Ruddell, Norm Tessman, and Michael J. Wurtz

What Do You Do Now After Developing Your Fire Photos, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 2001


Pirates of Prescott Chased Away Early Government, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 1998


A New Year’s Resolution for the Citizens of Prescott, Michael J. Wurtz

Hose Cart Races are 100 Years of Tradition, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 1997


Vaudeville was Quite the Attraction in the Roaring '20s, Jody Drake and Michael J. Wurtz


1914: Thanksgiving Day was Warm and Wonderful, Michael J. Wurtz


Do You Recognize This Place?, Michael J. Wurtz


Merle Allen Left a Legacy of Success, Michael J. Wurtz


Old Timers or Newcomers: Sharlot Hall’s for You, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 1992

Reminiscences by Judge John J. Hawkins, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 1991

Toward Information Literacy – Innovative Perspectives for the 1990s, Mary M. Somerville


The Historical Geography of the Colorado Plateau, 1539-1991, Michael J. Wurtz

Submissions from 1987


Route 66: From Beale to Bypassed, Michael J. Wurtz