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For the article, "A Plan to Save the Forests. Forest Preservation by Military Control" the editor of The Century Magazine requested a written opinion concerning the need for a permanent system of forest management from a number of prominent citizens. In reply, Muir writes: "Fire, the ax, and wholesale vandalism have long threatened the forests of the country with utter destruction; but now at this darkest time, the light of a better day begins to dawn .... The people are beginning to know that forests affect climate, act as barriers against destructive floods, protect and hold in store fertilizing rain and snow, and form foundations for irrigation streams .... Let the forests ... be reserved and put under the charge of the War Department,-the most reliable, permanent, unpolitical, and effective department of our government,-and then the forest affairs will be definitely settled, and all our living trees will clap their hands and wave in joy." Muir concludes: "One soldier in the woods, armed with authority and a gun, would be more effective in forest preservation than millions of forbidding notices."


The Century Magazine, v. 49, no. 4


pp. 630-631

[Statement from John Muir.]



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