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Conference Presentation

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Music Librarian Association, California Chapter Meeting


Stanford University, Stanford, CA

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September 12-13, 2019

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The number of currently publishing, student run music journals can be counted on one hand. And of those, only half are for undergraduates. At University of the Pacific, the Conservatory of Music started a music industry analysis and opinion journal in 2018. Edited and written by undergraduate students, Backstage Pass has published two issues totaling 47 papers. The benefits of journal writing, editing, publishing and hosting are numerous from many different stakeholder points of view. The collaborative effort is shared between the University Libraries (hosts the institutional repository where the journal is published and offers technical support) and the Conservatory of Music’s Department of Music Industry Studies where the Program Director serves as the Editor-in-Chief and the student editorial board consists of three undergraduates. Backstage Pass serves as a platform to share stellar work being produced at University of the Pacific – potentially attracting new students and celebrating our current students. It allows the students to publish prior to graduating and joining their chosen profession – a profession which, overwhelmingly, requires excellent writing and communication skills. In this presentation, the Editor-in-Chief, one of the student editors, and the Library’s Head of Publishing and Scholarship Support, will discuss the genesis of the journal, the process of publishing the first two issues, and future plans.