A selection of conference and lecture presentations from faculty members of the Conservatory of Music at University of the Pacific.


Events from 2020


The Benefits of a Summative Examination for Undergraduates, Keith Hatschek and Veronica Wells

Submissions from 2019


All Access: A Backstage Pass to a Collaborative, Undergraduate Music Journal, Michele Gibney, Keith Hatschek, and Nicole Wasnock

Submissions from 2016


Teaching Preparation for the Portfolio Career, Keith Hatschek and Jonathan Latta

Submissions from 2015

How the Beatles Revolutionized Sound Recording, Keith Hatschek

Social Media for Music Creatives, Keith Hatschek

Submissions from 2014

Louis Armstrong: American Genius, Keith Hatschek

Monetize Your Music Assets: A Workshop to Spark Your Creativity, Keith Hatschek

Portfolio Careers in Music, Keith Hatschek

A Tribute to Dave Brubeck, April 7-13, 2014, Keith Hatschek and Ricky Riccardi


Developing Information Literacy Skills for Tomorrow’s Music Industry Leaders, Keith Hatschek and Veronica A. Wells

Submissions from 2013

Making Money with Your Original Music, Keith Hatschek

The Jazz Ambassadors: Evaluating the Impact of the Dave Brubeck Quartet’s 1958 Tour of Poland, Keith Hatschek


Tour of Bay Area Music Archives, Keith Hatschek

Submissions from 2012

Reflecting on The Real Ambassadors, Keith Hatschek

You are the CEO, Keith Hatschek

Submissions from 2011

Could God Be Black? One Woman’s Journey Toward Social Justice – Iola Brubeck and The Real Ambassadors, Keith Hatschek


Results and Preliminary Analysis of Survey Data on Course Distributions in Music Industry Degree Programs, Keith Hatschek

Submissions from 2010


Freedom Sounds: Polish Responses to the Dave Brubeck Quartet’s 1958 State Department Tour, Keith Hatschek

Submissions from 2009

The Voice of Freedom: The Role of Dave Brubeck in Polish Cold War Jazz Culture, Keith Hatschek