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The institutions included in this study are all maintained and controlled by the State of California. However, the music program is not outlined or prescribed by the State but is arranged by the administration of each institution. Consequently, one institution music program differs from another, and it was necessary to contact each institution in order to get the information included in this report.

Since very little material is available on this subject, it was necessary to obtain most of this information first hand. The methods employed were questionnaire and correspondence, direct interviews with superintendents and musical directors, and observation. An effort was made to get a complete picture of the music situation in each institution. The Department of Institutions does not keep a record of music schedules in the various institutions and no reports concerning music are available.

Direct quotations concerning the value of music were recorded in order to note the opinions of various superintendents and other authorities in charge. The superintendents and other employees concerned extended me every courtesy in their power, and co-operated to the fullest extent in making this survey.



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