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There was a time when people could go West and become empire builders; when there was little competition, but the resources which nature provided so abundantly no longer exist in their vastness. Pioneers and adventurers have skinned the cream of these luxuries. It is necessary now for science and its cohorts to substitute skill, knowledge, and training for the vagrancies of chance and its dependence upon fate.

There was a time when a boy raised on a farm had to stay on the farm; there was no city where he could find work. There was a time when the village mechanic could never be anything but a mechanic. There was little opportunity for travel, to see and learn things. Today, education and facilities for learning are open to all. Men are no longer born to their life work; they discover it for themselves.

It has not been long since the field of vocational choices that first existed in America was exceedingly limited. Now there are nearly three thousand types of occupations. Many of our occupations are subdivided into different classifications. Great numbers of these are of the type which require little training. However, skill and training are demanded more by employers as time progresses. So that today, the boy or girl who has a high school education finds himself qualified to enter higher types of employment, and better able to succeed.





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