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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)


Curriculum and Instruction

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Thomas Nelson

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Katrina Johnson Leon

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Marilyn E. Draheim


The purpose of this interpretive biography was to understand how college graduates perceive their experiences in secondary (high school) accelerated learning programs and the impact of that participation on their continued education. This inquiry was guided by the overarching question: What are college graduates’ perceptions and understandings of their experiences in secondary accelerated programs? Using a postmodern philosophy to review the empirical materials, this interpretive biography focused on the lived experience of a college graduate who participated in an accelerated secondary program and focuses on her reflections after graduating from a four-year university. The study finds that generally, secondary accelerated learning programs like concurrent enrollment are considered valuable for their academic preparation, but may be reinforcing societal notions that students should go through their schooling more quickly than is beneficial.





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