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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)


Educational Administration and Leadership

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Lynn Beck Brallier

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Antonio Serna

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Jie Lu


This study sought to provide relevant data and insights that could validate the usefulness of a blended theoretical model of internationalization based on a modified model of van Dijk and Meijer’s internationalization cube with Rogers’ diffusion of innovation theory with the long term of goal of generating a universally applicable theoretical model to help guide other higher education institutions toward successful internationalization. The blended theoretical framework adapted in this study was used to review G University’s (GU) policy, support, and implementation dimensions regarding internationalization and illustrate how internationalization at GU fits into the blended theoretical framework. It was also used to identify how key factors facilitate the institutional diffusion and implementation of internationalization at GU.

This study employed a qualitative instrumental case study methodology. Qualitative data were collected from organizational documents, interviews, and field observations and analyzed through the lens of the blended theoretical framework. The findings indicate that GU is located on position five of a possible eight positions on the modified van Dijk and Meijer internationalization cube incorporated with Rogers’ diffusion of innovation theory with the following characteristics: priority policy, ad-hoc support, and random implementation toward internationalization. It was concluded that advancing GU’s position on the internationalization cube would require adjustments to GU’s policy, support, and implementation dimensions.





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