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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)



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Heath W. Lowry

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L. A. Jackson

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John V. Schippers


It was the purpose of this study to consider the effects of behavioral group counseling on freshmen who enter Bethany Bible College, San Cruz, California, with low high school grade point averages. The data was collected and considered in three areas: (1) effect of behavioral group counseling, (2) size of high school from which the student graduated, and (3) male-female achievement. The researcher was concerned specifically with: (1) discovering if behavior group counseling will significantly improve academic achievement, (2) analyzing the relationship of the size of high school from which the subjects graduated and academic achievement, (3) comparing male-female academic achievement, (4) assess the academic achievement of students involved in this study with similar students who in the successive years 1963-1967 entered Bethany Bible College, and (5) analyzing the data as it may be applied to group counseling future freshman at Bethany Bible College.



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