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W. Edgar Gregory

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Dorothy I. Seaberg



Formal education can be carried on in many settings ranging from simple one-teacher school in a small district to a multi-school system offering an extensive number of services. Because not all districts are equally efficient, from time to time it is necessary to reevaluate the administrative structure of education in a particular area. For this reason, this study has been made of the four existing school districts which comprise all the territory in Calaveras County in an effort to answer the question, "What is the most advantageous type of school district organization for Calaveras County?" This problem has been of primary concern to the county committee on school district organization and to the residents who have on occasion manifested strong opinions on school district organization. It should be emphasized that while details of supporting evidence vary from year to year, certain basic principle in educational administration remains fairly constant. To shift the evidence in a search for basic principles was a continuing task for this study and helped to point the way to a solution.

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The problem of school district reorganization in Calaveras County can be approached basically in two ways. One approach concerns a study of the curriculum, a determination of the quality of teaching, and an attempt to measure the results of teaching under the present district organization. A major task would then present itself, that of establishing a cause-and-effect relationship between the quality of teaching and efficient district organization. The task would be difficult to carry out, especially since it is well realized that good teaching can occur under the most trying circumstances, and poor teaching can at times be carried on under ideal conditions. In this type of study, variables are too numerous and too great to establish a valid correlation. Another approach consists of analyzing district organization through definitely measurable aspects such as the scope of the education program, fiscal support, housing, enrollment, and pupil services. It is this latter administrative type of study which was utilized in this study.

It was not the intent of this study to discuss the details of school administration in Calaveras County, but rather to be concerned only with district reorganization. Inasmuch as district organization plays an important part in determining the extent of the education program, the amount of financial support, the adequacy of housing, and the kind of pupil services offered, it can also be said in reverse, and logically, that the education program needed and wanted should be the controlling factor that determines what type of district should be formed. In other words, what kind of district is needed to produce the program desired? This study is based primarily upon the assumption that the residents of Calaveras County want the best education program possible within the resources available, and that all other issues should be subordinate.



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