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Master of Science (M.S.)


Biological Sciences

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Fuad M. Nahhas


D~ring July and August 1978, 165 fishes belonging to 35 species in 19 families were collected from the Kuwaiti coast of the Arabian Gulf and examined for parasites. Nine digenetic trematodes including three new species and two new genera are described: (Hemiuridae) Opisthadena kuwaiti, n.sp. from Valamugil seheli, Lecithocladium bulbolabrum Reid, Coil and Kuntz, 1966 from Johnius aneus (new host record), 1· unibulbolabrum Fischthal and Thomas, 1971 from Rastralliger kanagurta (new host record), Clupenuroides sheemi n.g., n.sp, from Eleutheronema tetradactylum; (Angiodactylidae) Hexangium sigani Goto and Ozaki, 1929 from Sigartus oramin; (Pleorchiidae) Pleorchis arabicus n.sp. from Otolithes argenteus; (Opecoelidae) Helicometrina nimia Linton, 1910, from Nemipterus tolu (new host record) and Plagioporus sp. from Nemipterus tolu; (Acanthocolpidae) Stephanostomum sp. from Lutjanus coccineus. Keys to the species of Opisthadena and Pleorchis, and to certain closely related dinurid genera are given. E_. puriensis Gupta and Ahmad, 1976 is transferred to the new genus Parapleorchis.



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