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The unity of Western Europe has not yet approached the political, economic and religious entity realized under the Roman Empire. Nor is it likely to duplicate such a centralized and authoritative basis of organization. It is the purpose of this paper to explore European economic association on the basis of co-operation rather than dominance. For this purpose historical cornerstones of economic co-operation and commercial endeavor will be discussed.


Among them the individuals and groups who pursued trade not only revived the collapsed commerce known to the Roman world, but provided the framework for modern commercial and financial activity and cooperation. Their motives were, no doubt, selfish, since basic human self-interest is a commanding force. The results, however, were liberating, both socially and politically, as well as economically. Thus the Medieval commercial heritage is enjoyed not only in the lands of North and West Europe, but in the Western Hemisphere as well today. It seems singularly important in explaining political as well as economic developments of the twentieth century.





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