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The first fifty years of Romain Rolland’s life were spent in inconspicuous and almost solitary labors. From then on this name became a storm center of European discussion

The significance of his life’s work becomes plain only when it is contemplated as a whole. It was slowly produced, for it had to encounter great dangers; it was a gradual revelation, tardily consummated. The foundations of this splendid structure were deeply dug in the firm ground of knowledge, and were laid upon the hidden masonry of years spent in isolation. Owing to the strength of its foundations, to the solidity of its moral energy, was Rolland’s thought able to stand unshaken throughout the war storms that have been ravaging Europe. The monument he had built stands firm “above the battle,” above the medley of opinions, a pillar of strength towards which all free spirits cna turn for consolation amid the tumult of the world.