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Exercise is a crucial component in obtaining proper health and fitness objectives in young adulthood. Determination of an optimal resistance load for men and women may aid in physiological function and reduce the likelihood of injury. We tested 32 physically active men (n=14) and women (n=18) between ages 18-25 on Proteus Motion, USA. Proteus applies continuous three-dimensional magnetic resistance loads during exercise. Testing consisted of 2 repetitions of horizontal and vertical push and pull exercises comparing performance of the dominant and non-dominant arm. Each exercise was performed with a resistance of 7lb, 14lb, 21lb, and 28lb for a total of 32 repetitions. Proteus software calculates power, explosiveness, consistency, range of motion, and braking. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) with repeated measures tested differences in results at each resistance load. Power produced between sexes was similar in press motions but differed in pulls.