Short Window: An Exhibition by Visiting Faculty


Short Window: An Exhibition by Visiting Faculty


Exhibit Dates

September 21 - October 13, 2011


The Reynolds Gallery presents, Short Window, an exhibition of works by the current Studio Art and Graphic Design visiting faculty.

This group exhibition features work from: Sunshine Cobb, Ilena Finocchi, Michael E. Leonard, Deanna Hunt and Jill Vasileff.

Short Window, features painting, drawing, sculpture, and ceramic work by artists of varying disciplines. Sunshine Cobb presents vessels of many types and colors. Ilena Finocchi's playful and decorative ceramic sculptures have underlying social-political themes. Renaissance Gardens of Italy are represented through Deanna Hunt's expressive representational paintings. Michael E. Leonard presents a four-decade window of his work as a medical illustrator, graphic designer and fine artist. Minimalist, nonobjective paintings comprise a 24 foot long piece by Jill Vasileff. The show represents work that was prepared and will be exhibited through a short window of time.

Short Window: An Exhibition by Visiting Faculty