Submissions from 2003

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Submissions from 2002

Effects of Fatigue on H-reflex suppression in able-bodied and spinal cord injured subjects, Preeti Deshpande Oza and Richard K. Shields

Excitability of the Motor Neuronal Pool before and After Standing, Preeti Deshpande Oza and Richard K. Shields

Evidence Based Manual Therapy of the Spine, Tamara L. Little Phelan

Evidence Based Manual Therapy of the Spine, Tamara L. Little Phelan

The Effects of Clay Modeling Versus a Traditional Cadaver Lab on Test Performance in Anatomy, Tamara L. Little Phelan, B. Stockert, and Jim K. Mansoor

Submissions from 2001

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Elevated Urinary Leukotriene E4 Levels at High Altitude, Jim K. Mansoor

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Submissions from 2000

The Relationship Between Maximal Voluntary Isometric Contraction, 1 Resistance Maximum, Dynamic Repetitions to Fatigue, and Time to Fatigue During Isometric Contraction, Tamara L. Little Phelan

Outcomes Assessment of the Integration of Computer Technology into Physical Therapy Education, B. S. Stockert and Jim K. Mansoor

Submissions from 1998

Differentiation Of Exercise Respiratory-Related Sensations And Sensations Of Dyspnea In Healthy Humans, Jim K. Mansoor

Integrating Computer Technology Into Professional Health Education, Jim K. Mansoor

The Effect Of Diet-Ingested Pirfenidone on Pulmonary Function, Cardiovasculature and Blood Gas Measurements in Rats, Jim K. Mansoor

Methods of mobilization following Primary Flexor Tendon Repair – A Comparison between Kleinert’s, Duran’s and Supervised Controlled Active mobilization methods, Preeti Deshpande Oza and C. Verma

Submissions from 1997

Pirfenidone Attenuates Bleomycin-Induced Changes In Pulmonary Mechanics In Hamsters, Jim K. Mansoor

Submissions from 1995

The Contribution Of Non-myelinated and Myelinated Vagal Afferents To Breathing Pattern In Rats With Bleomycin Induced Lung Fibrosis, Jim K. Mansoor

The Effect Of Vagal C-Fiber Blockade On Breathing Pattern In Anesthetized Rats, Jim K. Mansoor