The Occupational Therapy Department at University of the Pacific embarked on a tailored initiative to reshape the occupational therapy foundations course for entry-level Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) students. Collaboratively designed and co-taught by the first and second authors, experienced occupational therapists in both clinical and academic realms, alongside the third author, a seasoned occupational scientist with a rich background in instructing graduate and undergraduate professionals, this innovative course aligns with the program's biopsychosocial philosophy.

The primary objective of this course was to provide students with an expansive perspective on the fundamental role of occupation in human life. Various assessment methods were employed to gauge students' grasp of the course content, culminating in a summative course evaluation survey supplemented with comments at the conclusion of the term.

This paper elucidates the course design model, its integration within the curriculum, the implementation process, and insights gleaned from student feedback. The outlined approach for crafting a novel course that incorporates diverse professional viewpoints will prove invaluable to OTD programs preparing entry-level occupational therapists for the multifaceted challenges of contemporary healthcare. By sharing this course design, the authors aspire to contribute to the evolution of OT education and address the dynamic demands of healthcare through the utilization of integrated professional perspectives.



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