This research paper explores some of the earliest known evidences of dental treatment and traveled through time discussing important figures who made vital contributions toward the development of this profession.

Dentistry is one of the oldest professions to be developed. Ever since there have been humans, there have been problems with our teeth, and we have been figuring out ways to alleviate them. The idea that there were people specializing in the healing of the teeth and oral diseases has roots to ancient pre-history and a long and fascinating saga.

This history is divided into five stages:

-Ancient pre-history - Origins

-Middle ages to Renaissance – Early Beginnings

-Colonial Period in America – The Development of the Profession

-19th Century - Advancements in Organization and Education

-Late 19th Century to Modern Day – Innovations in Techniques and Technology

This paper illustrates the path that dentistry took from a craft to a profession through innovation, education, organization, and regulation and discusses how dentistry separated from medicine and established itself as an independent field of study and profession. It honors the lives of the individuals who made these contributions, and the historical context in which they occurred.



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