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Master of Physician Assistant Studies


Physician Assistant Education

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Rahnea Sunseri


Almost everyone has heard the saying, “One size does not fit all.” This adage is especially true in medicine. Treatment options vary depending on an individual’s risk. For this reason, risk calculators were created to help medical providers apply value to each risk and modify medical management accordingly. Preventative medical management also needs to be individualized. Aspirin is one of the most well-known preventative medications prescribed for the purpose of preventing cardiovascular events. It has become so well-known that patients have started taking it without recommendations from medical providers. An estimated 48.7 million US adults are currently taking aspirin as a preventative measure.1 Using aspirin for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) has resulted in excellent benefits versus risks and was founded on good quality evidence. In contrast, recent trials for primary prevention have questioned the value of aspirin in individuals without CVD, specifically in patients with certain risk factors and comorbidities, such as diabetes mellitus type II.

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