Getlin, Josh: First impressions of Moscone


Josh Getlin


Getlin: [George] was a very charismatic man. In addition to the fact that he, well yes, he had great political pedigree. He was, he had been in, was the Majority Leader of the state Senate, he's running for mayor, was thought to be a front runner, well-respected by a lot of people in the city. I was just getting introduced, not just to San Francisco politics, but to politics in general. I had been a writer before, journalism student, but this was involvement in politics on the inside, which was for me the first time. And here I had come face to face with the man himself. In fact, I remember the first time I met George, I heard his voice in the state Senate office before I actually met him and I could have sworn that Marlon Brando had walked in the door, because he was doing a Godfather impersonation with several people on the Senate staff. And I remember cracking up because I wasn't quite sure whether that was him or not but somebody was doing one hell of a Marlon Brando and an impression and it turned out to be George, who I was then introduced to. And I really liked George a lot in addition to his great intelligence and his acumen, he instantly impressed himself on you as a really warm human being. And that was one of the things about him that would prove to be true for the entire time that I knew him. That in addition to everything else, he one of those rare persons in life who is truly decent to the people who work for him. And there are not too many people like that.


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The Moscone oral history interviews are part of the George Moscone Collection, MSS 328.

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