Manzanedo, Jenifer Moscone: Moscone campaigns


Jenifer Moscone Manzanedo: I first in – well it was his first campaign – the George Moscone “Logical Choice” Campaign for Supervisor; my father was running. And he didn’t have a lot of money, so while he stood passing out pamphlets and shaking hands at the Powell and Market Cable Car turnaround, my job was to hide in the Woolworths doorway and retrieve them as people walked by and threw them on the ground, and then kind of just give it to him. I think I was four or five. Jon Rubin: And what year was that? Jenifer Moscone Manzanedo: Gosh, I don’t remember exactly the year. I believe I was in Kindergarten. Maybe ’61 or ’62. And just that I was there; that whole thing is one of my most private, fond memories of my father. It was very very exciting. Sue Bierman was his campaign manager, and of course headquarters was in the garage on 42nd Avenue. And the night of the election, I was so excited not understanding fully why, but I remember I’d gotten up – I was sent to bed by my mother who eventually went to bed herself – and during the night I had gotten up in the dark, tried to dress, and go downstairs and like creep around and see what was going on. Well my mom went to bed, it was about midnight, and I knew my dad was still up; everybody had left. My dad was sitting in a playhouse – we had a little playhouse built. My mom and my dad had a playhouse built for all of us; me, my brothers and sisters. And I couldn’t find anything to put on underneath so I put on my dress coat and hat, and I remember going down there. My dad was sitting in the playhouse listening to elections. He turns on a transistor radio, and they announced that he won. And he picked me up and was very conscious of it. It was kind of embarrassing. And he threw me in the air, and he won, and I was there. He was listening by himself to a transistor radio. They didn’t even pronounce his name correctly. Jon Rubin: How did they pronounce it? Jenifer Moscone Manzanedo: Mos-cone. You know how they do that?


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The Moscone oral history interviews are part of the George Moscone Collection, MSS 328.

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