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Conference Presentation

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United States Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Association



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September 22-23, 2021

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In 2020, the institutional repository manager who also had responsibilities over the social media accounts for the library, decided to attempt a year-long experiment titled #ThesisTuesday, a weekly social media campaign to promote ETDs and connect with campus stakeholders, researchers, and readers. At the time, the library had two social media student assistants who were tasked with sourcing images for the 52 chosen ETDs completed during 2020. The repository manager then used an online graphic creation tool, Canva to create a template for each ETD, plug in an image and swap out titles/authors. She also created short links for each one using a standard, sequential numbering template and Once the 52 graphics were designed in December, she scheduled each of them to post on Tuesdays over the course of 2021 using the online software, Hootsuite. The experiment begun on January 5, 2021, the first Tuesday of the year. By the time the USetdA 2021 conference occurs, 38 Tuesdays will have passed - well over half of the year! The author will share results from the experiment including – social media likes, comments, reshares and direct messages on the social media posts as well as statistics on downloads/usage of the ETDs from the repository. She will outline the process of creation and scheduling each post with a comparison of time spent against return on investment via online engagement. Hopefully this small experiment will provide some interesting results and encourage others to do similar projects or not – depending on the findings.