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Conference Presentation

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LAUC-B Conference: Reimagining Libraries Through Critical Library Practices


University of California, Berkeley



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October 5-6, 2021

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During Spring 2021, a team of librarians and eight student interns conducted a diversity, equity, and inclusion audit of our institution’s print and ebook collection in order to examine the voices and subjects represented and to reveal diversity shortcomings. Students assisted in determining the methodology, assessing print and ebook collections, and providing recommendations on closing identified collection gaps. Librarians and students met semi-monthly to check in on the progress of the project and to discuss an article related to DEI in libraries and publishing.

Students completed a survey at the beginning, middle, and end of the project in order to examine their learning about library collections, the publishing industry, and DEI issues in academia. What was encouraging to observe was that student understanding of DEI issues in library collections and the publishing industry grew over the study from sincere belief in diversity to informed understanding of exclusivity. By using critical pedagogy and assessing student understanding, evaluation, and problem-solving skills throughout the process, this study provides an additional layer of analysis in DEI collection audits and encourages more diverse, equitable, and inclusive collection development.

In this presentation, audience members will learn about the methodology and results of the audit, the critical pedagogical practices we utilized, as well as the findings regarding student learning. A former student intern will provide insight into their experience and how it benefited their education. Efforts to share the results with the campus community and efforts to continue student involvement will also be addressed.

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