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Conference Presentation

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Music Library Association Meeting


Norfolk, VA

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February 26 - March 1, 2020

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Interactive session. Coming from architecture praxis and used in multiple design disciplines, a charrette is a structured period of intense feedback where participants work together to solve a design problem. The activity can easily be used by instructors to improve lesson plans or teaching artifacts in collaboration. Beginning with a warm-up practice activity where participants can learn how charrettes work, this session will primarily be comprised of focused small-group sharing, feedback, and brainstorming. Each participant should bring a lesson plan, teaching artifact, or other instructional challenge about which they would like to receive feedback. Small groups will be facilitated by an experienced instruction librarian. This dynamic session will offer participants immediate and actionable feedback to refresh their instruction, demonstrate a model for peer feedback they can bring back to their institutions, and encourage the formation of a teaching community of practice through the sharing of ideas and materials.