Mary M. Somerville: 0000-0002-4201-8335

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Conference Presentation

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University for Business and Technology 6th International Conference on Education and Development


University for Business and Technology


Durrës, Albania

Conference Dates

October 27-29, 2017

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In setting the institutional vision for University for Business and Technology in 2001, founder Dr. Edmond Hajrizi sought to educate Kosovo students to become active contributors to the society and in the workplace, within the country, the Balkans region, and beyond. The UBT Knowledge Center initiative extends the founding vision of national development through higher education. Since local knowledge, identity, and learning are necessarily situated, Kosovar students, faculty, staff, and administrators serve as topical experts and international educators from Sweden and the United States serve as design facilitators for this collaborative project. This paper presents the vision for and concept of the Knowledge Center, followed by reflections on the process so far and anticipated future actions.