Informed Systems @ Pacific University Libraries: Information Exchange for Knowledge Creation

Mary M. Somerville, University of the Pacific
Robin Imhof, University of the Pacific


University of the Pacific Libraries initiated a workplace systems design initiative in 2016. The participatory action research project engaged co-workers in data collection, analysis, interpretation, and reflection. Results furthered understanding about using information to learn in job-related information use stories. These insights guided co-design of systems for information exchange and conditions for workplace learning. Now, information centered, technology enabled, and human mediated communication systems and professional practices support co-worker engagement in re-invention of library facilities, services, and resources.

Local results are presented within the theoretical framework of Informed Systems, in development for over a decade by a distributed international research team who aim to foster information exchange for knowledge creation through working together in contemporary organizations. Concluding reflections explore value added synergies created through information-centered, action-oriented, technology-enabled, and learning-focused systems design, which builds organizational capacity as colleagues use information to learn in ever expanding professional contexts.