With Wonderfilled Eyes Devouring the Words: Engaging undergraduates in DH through historic journal transcriptions

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Conference Presentation

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2015 Rare Books and Manuscripts conference




Oakland, CA

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June 23-26, 2015

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Like the Smithsonian’s use of “citizen transcribers” to digitize 137 million objects, the University of the Pacific relies on crowd-sourcing to transcribe digitized versions of naturalist John Muir’s journals. This initiative spurred the interest of faculty who wanted students to gain an understanding of the themes in Muir’s writing and the value of creating searchable online resources. A teaching collaboration was formed to go beyond a routine introduction to Muir and an orientation to Special Collections. The course was expanded to include a Muir transcription and students were also informed of the value of their contributions toward future Muir scholarship by way of a brief introduction to the digital humanities. The panelists will each speak about their role in the project and the lessons learned.

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