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circa 1887



dogwood. Douglass spruce is the chief tree. The woods, here, rapidly become denser and more thrifty. The maples make color in glorious style. So do flowering dogwoods, and the black oak, which here becomes small.

Oct. 30. Elevation 2100 to 3000 feet. Here the woods become truely [truly] Alpine. [P. Grandis] Abies concolor at 2500 ft. All trees are taller and slimmer and less snowpressed than farther South.

The dwarf Tahoe ceanothus [incanus] [prostratus] is here, and the blue willowy species gives way to integerrimus.

A fine reposeful sunny morning, with delicate whispering awing winds in the pines. Shasta in blue shadows. First-one- then breaking into three, one to each crest.

The first well formed moraine at 2400 ft. The road finds and follows it to Sisson’s.

From Sothren’s the river is finely adorned and shaded with maple, willow, alder, yew, Douglass spruce, yellow pine, ash and grapevines. Yet not so shaded as to prevent abundance of sunshine from silvering the rapids. Of all colorists the maple is the most talented.


Note Half Dome. Of course it occupies the angle produced by two ice rivers. Exactly as those of Yosemite. White summer cumuli rise and poise in the deep sky. View of Castle Rocks. Page 30 of Vol. No. 15. Maple, yellow masses poise in the same [free] masses. Even without sunshine the color is wonderfully vivid. When sunned it is yet more striking.

Robin’s near Sisson’s eating wild cherries which after being frost-snipped are quite edible. The robins do well on them and fly rigorously as if well toned.

A chipmunk in the snow seemed to like it. At least is he frisked gracefully over it.

Gray squirrels are quite abundant from the McCloud to Sissons.

A ground squirrel near the railroad (20 yds [yards]) sat up straight and apparently numerous and watched the train go thundering by

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