Meeting John Muir in King's Canyon.


Meeting John Muir in King's Canyon.


John Muir


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In this reminiscence, Adolph D. Sweet recalls accompanying a cousin on a camping trip into Kings River Canyon when he was fourteen (1891). The day following their long and dusty stage ride to Millwood, a trapper took them on pack animals into the Canyon to the trapper's cabin on Kings River. One day, upon hearing that there was another camp a couple of miles downstream, they decided to find out who was there. It turned out to be John Muir and the artist C. D. Robinson. Sweet relates: ""The camp was the dirtiest camp I have ever visited. Robinson was not in camp when we first came. John Muir was very friendly, asked us to visit awhile and apologized for the looks of the camp-said he had been employed by a wealthy man to take the artist into the Canyon to paint some of the wonderful spots in the valley."" Muir went on to complain that ""Robinson would not climb to the spots where he could get the real beauty and grandeur of the canyon . . . . He would not help with the packing or cooking, would not gather wood and would not even wash dishes, so if Robinson could stand it he could too and the dogs could lick the dishes clean for him.""


Historical Bulletin [later Los Tulares (Tulare County)], no. 12


pp. [1]-[2]

Meeting John Muir in King's Canyon.



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