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With a sharp reduction in the number of tourists, due probably to the Centennial, Muir observes that ""The tourist-dealers in general are downcast. Their countenances ... are cloudy and awry, and droop like frost-bitten ferns."" Muir then discusses the great variety of tourists with their varied motives and objectives, and writes: ""The regular tourist, ever on the flow, is one of the most characteristic productions of the present century; and however frivolous and inappreciative the poorest specimens may appear, viewed comprehensively, they are a most hopeful and significant sign of the time, indicating at least the beginning of our return to nature, for going to the mountains is going home."" Muir's beautiful tribute to James Lamon is greatly edited in no. 308, pp. 237-239, and no. 341, v. 5, pp. 266-[268].


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin


p. 1, col. 5

Summering the Sierra. 'The Season' at the Yosemite Valley-A Disquisition on Tourists-In Memoriam-Lamon's Grave. (From Our Correspondent.) Yosemite Valley, August 20, 1876.



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