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To the Editor of The Evening Post, Muir proclaims the Yosernite National Park to be "without rival in the whole world," and Hetch Hetchy Valley to be a "wonderfully exact counterpart" of it. He then gives a brief history of San Francisco's persistent and scheming efforts over the years to secure the Valley for a reservoir site. Concerning the Raker Bill being presented as an emergency for swift action, Muir closes with the plea: "On behalf of all the people of the nation we ask your aid in putting an end to these assaults on our great national parks and to prevent this measure from being rushed through before it can be brought to the attention of the ninety milions of people who own this park." A similar letter was sent to leading newspapers throughout the nation, and was widely published under varying titles.


New York Evening Post


p. 8, cols. 6-7.

A Protest From John Muir.



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