John Muir



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In these selections from The Story of My Boyhood and Youth, Muir tells of crossing the Atlantic in a sailing vessel, and of his father's locating land for a home by Fountain Lake in Wisconsin. Elated with the wild country, Muir prefaces his many stories of exciting boyish exploration with, "This sudden splash into pure wilderness,-- baptism in Nature's warm Heart, -- how utterly happy it made us! Nature streaming into us, wooingly teaching, preaching her glorious, living lessons, so unlike the dismal grammer ashes and cinders so long thrashed into us. Here, without knowing it, we still were at school; every wild lesson a love lesson, not whipped, but charmed into us." See no. 315, pp. 56-131.


The Atlantic Monthly, v. 110, no.6


pp. 813-825

Plunge into the Wilderness



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