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""The Yosemite South Dome [Half Dome] is the noblest rock in the Sierra and George Anderson, an indomitable Scotchman has made a way to its summit."" Muir made his ascent after ""The first winter storm had bloomed. It was one of those brooding days that comes just between Indian summer and winter, when the clouds are like living creatures."" From his perch in the clouds, Muir describes the flora, then writes: ""I have always discouraged as much as possible every project for laddering the South Dome, believing it would be a fine thing to keep this garden untrodden. Now the pines will be carved with the initials of Smith and Jones, and the gardens strewn with tin cans and bottles."" He says, however, ""It is some satisfaction to feel assured that no lazy person will ever trample these gardens.""


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin


p.1., col. 1

South Dome, Its Ascent by George Anderson and John Muir-Hard Climbing but a Glorious View-Botany of the Dome-Yosemite in Late Autumn. (From Our Special Correspondent.) Yosemite Valley, November 10, 1875.



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